Episode #56:
CJ and Spyder terrorize a house

I just got done building my dad his computer and see that chessythief has be icqing me about killing some newbies near minax HQ

He then icqs me saying he died and needs help, so I log on to help out.

I find his corpse and we party up

Ackbar and Kenny Rodgers are our targets

We get Ackbar lured out of the house and finish him off without much trouble


He comes back and Thief hiding by the door kills him again

Kenny and Ackbar run out to attack us, Thief attacks Ackbar while I get Kenny

I couldnt finish off Kenny but Thief did get Ackbar :)

The reason why?  While I was running after him, I hit my harm macro instead of my Primary Ability macro...doh

Kenny Rodgers: bring it
Kenny Rodgers: haha

Kenny is taunting us...while inside his house and not taking a step out...rofl

For awhile this is how far he would step out...

Splinter comes, I assume its Ackbar's other char, who knows

But he is an easy kill :)

Kenny then gives a chase

But he is not quick enough for me :)

Had to go to my house to drop off loot


They just missing over and over with their reveals...oh wait we have stealth! :P

We get Splinter to come out and he suffers from Falling down on ground syndrome



This is them casting...rofl

They finally wise up a little...and start para ganking rofl

I never really ever carry good loot...

I had around 60 pots from loot :P

Had to find red healer...bah

We come back and kill Splinter again :)

Then Kenny gets his turn to kiss the ground

We wait for awhile but they dont show up...guess they dont wanna come back!

Had to work on my dads comp more...Late!