Episode #58:
Corran Horn loots the Orc Fort

All right last night porn told me there was an event happening on siege at Yew Orc Fort, I figured I come along to get some steals, loot and just to be annoying.

Heading towards Yew Orc Fort, forgot I had a Rune to the litches near :P


Yep! Bunch of players here, I have no items on me except newbie ones so Ill need to get items off people...while the reds and blues are attacking each other


Started Snooping all the blues I can and find and steal various small items


I do some looting and find a bag full of pots, this will help


Theres Porn...


Started stealing some pots


The reds start to attack some more so I have to be alittle bit more careful since I have no armor and only pots :P


I guess this is an OSI event...kinda strange


I loot another bag


And there be my regs I need! around 60-70 of each reg, that will help alot


When I come back, the reds left the Fort and started to rush the blues, Im still stealing from blues of various items I see...


I snoop and steal an item on sight...a powerscroll of course...


doh...lousy +5 chivarly


The reds rush some more and start killing all the blues, I do some quick looting/hide


The battle is over and the reds win, I decide to leave now


At Skara gate and I see 2 newerish players, I snoop, and see nothing major but I want to annoy them


So I steal a few items from them...all unnoticed and they didnt even react...oh well


Oh wellz...lates!