Episode #59:
Assassination and Doom all in one!

Old images I found on my HD that I figure I could conjure an episode out of

I check out the mines with C.J. and dont find anyone near


Found someone! And he is already down to low health!


I get near and ready...




It got lame so I left to 8x8

Finally gm'ed Spirit Speak...WEEE!


Chessythief icqs me to join his Doom Raid...I never done it so I join up

Here is the party Im with, Chessythief is Joe


The Trammy Tran! Woo Woo!


We head to a secret room and wait for awhile for someone to lure a champ there but someone else is fighting the DL


We run out and "help" kill the DL



It finally dies and we start working on the Gantlent again



Fun fun...well It got boring so we all left...kah