Episode #60:
Pacific Test Center Fun

Pacific Test Center is up so I decide to mess around with my Pacific Assassin

I log on in the middle in trammel...ewww


I find my way to Yew gate, set my skills and make a plan...and a good plan it is


As you see...I'm just waiting around with my DP'ed kryss



The reds in the house attack Bruter, and so do I!


Bruter dies but then Tenoch attacks me, runs into the GZ when he is Lethal'ed



Then Guards get me...doh


Almost got him again


Pepsi is my next target and it was an easy one with the help of the house reds :)


Died just before the gates...kekeke



I set myself up again


I attack Deadly Shadow and killed him


But Pkiller kills me off...doh :P


Someone starts to cast energy field and Kill your Idol gets blocked with me...so I take my chance and kill him without any trouble 


I then attack BagdaD BoB


Then Harley


Then Raven...


Then BiG JeReMi...


Finally guards got me! hah!


A nuub that is killing a bunch of yall ^^


They start to call me a newb


Ya like im gonna move...and notice they try to reveal me


So I leave for a few mins and check out the other moongates

Over at Jhelom I see MagicCreature and he isnt responding to my hails


Lets see how easy I can do this



Damn easy :P


tWIztEd attacks me and I start off with a LP



Right before he dies, I die to wither


I'm a diot...damn...well I'm a red diot now


I go back to Yew gate and eventually they grant me access to their house and rez me weee


Not much any chance of going outside with that there...




I start to help out the reds by changing my skills from a melee poisoner to a eval mage



The main problem was that the owners of the house barely spoke any english at all...
It was hard to get them to release some of the items in the house...rofl


I get Wigger





Again the Poison Field gank


We still able to get Harley ^^


Then in F.A ll
(Weird name eh)


Player is then my next target


He tries to come back and dies again


The one problem, if I attack someone with like explosion or field spells, they usually can call guards on me



Like here...stupid guards


Crazy Girl now dies


Then I get Guard wacked again so I logged...