Episode #61:
Siege Trickery

I heard orcs were invading Moonglow on Siege so I head over but it seems to be over...damn

Here is a bunch of people that must of been late too I guess...Ivan is there


I figure out a plan and bank most of my stuff


Notice what Im going to do yet?


Keke, I figure someone there will autoattack an orc...even a poly'ed orc


Kahn attacks me and I get him guardwacked, then Jack and Belg loot him all up





I try again


But no one would attack me...damn


Kahn starts to tell me how he will now kill FVO on sight...etc...etc...etc...



I try to poly again but this time guards didnt help me out...hmm




I try to polymorph one more time and it doesnt work again so I just log out