Episode #62:
Random day on Siege

Just some misc. pics that I took while on Siege


The day starts off with some looting over in moonglow.  Seems these blues are killing reds and giving me alot of loot.

I get ganked at Luna by Anti's!  Then they gloat about how they killed me!

If you look at the image above...Caligula is the one saying "hell ya".
Keke I got my revenge

ScarFace (Haestan) ICQs me and we head to some dungeons to find some people to kill and loot.

Eventually we went to doom, the first person he killed I looted and was overloaded.  We left but one of his friends was bugging us about the other guy's loot and how he wanted to buy it back...curious I looked through the loot and saw some luck items...

What a nice suit...all meddable too...too bad on Siege were items are gone so easily :P
(Kind of sad when my Best luck suit on chessy is 700 luck and its not meddable)

I headed back to Luna to do some looting and killing

Then back to moonglow...some more loot...keke

I kill Jim...

Jim kills me...kah


My third GM'ed skill on Siege now...keke getting better

I head out to the gates...check bucs and there many reds just waiting around there...so I buc out of there!


Latez, next episode will be better!