Episode #63:
Wes Janson Assassinates Again!

I finally log onto Wes Janson for the first time in awhile

Checking around at certain places...I notice why I left LA...its so DEAD


Haha I guess they liked my house design or are too cheap to change it around
They even still have my original name...


There is always someone at Reaper valley...usually...I hope


Huzzah a dead water elemental...someone is around!


I find Stefan gaining resist off reapers. ^^


I watch for awhile then get in position


Then attack!  Got my LP off right away which makes for an easy kill


Not a bad haul, some gold, armor...and wait...a key...?


Little overloaded here....alot of stuff for a lonely assassin


So I must drop the gold and hope no one takes it


I test the key and the boat is active!


But in trammel...arh


I drop the key on the ground, log out, wait 5 mins and get on Keiran to recall on the boat.


Keke another boat in my collection on LA


I come back to Reaper valley to see if she comes back



Huzzah, a different character by the looks of it but same name


I see HoneySweetie and decide for her to be my next target.



I dont have the picture but I attacked her and she died without much trouble.  Got some gold from insurance mainly.


I know see Bloody Mary, seems to be busy here today.


I follow, and attack


Easy kill and some more gold in my bank


She makes the mistake in coming back!


Another easy 2.7k!  heh...but wait


A ship key on her corpse!


Well...again in trammel...but another boat I have ^^


Back on Wes I check Reaper Valley and see more people


Alot more people...


Seems like a group is out looking for me


OMG!  Notice where I am...in the middle of 4 people with a few others around and they are saying I am gone.  Thank god I have stealth.


They then go and leave me alone with some more targets


I attack Alexus and it seems she is going to die...but


She runs in her house...damnit


Again I try but she runs inside her house just in time.


We then attacked again but this time I get stuck on a boat (My boat macros were not working...shrug) and the reapers targeting me with their spells kills me (No armor sucks sometimes)


Wow alot of people are looking for me


Rah roh looks like someone got a count :P


I start to tease them by going behind a wall and revealing as a ghost the disappearing.  They think I'm accidentally getting revealed from hiding...heh






Yes I guess she isnt Wes...oh wait thats me


Haha.  They attacked her think she was me...that's how he got the count


Yes I am right here


I think we got our self a smart kid here