Episode #64:
An Event on Siege

Big message comes on lower left saying go to Serps...so I get my thief and run there...in hope for some loot ^^



Ahoy...many people




I had to take that picture...



I wouldn't mind for that spellbook



We then get gated to Moonglow...I have no idea what we are doing.


Hah GoodGuy is around...somewhere


The event is being taken place at Moonglow Cemetery....a lot of death already!



Ramuz is the EM controlled guy we are suppose to kill...who cares about killing when you can snoop and see if anything good to steal?


Too bad he didnt have really anything...but I did swipe a rune to Moonglow Cemetery from Ramuz.  After I stole it, he went directly at me and I barely got away :P



Nice weapon...also something I want



I then snoop the Lady's pack...newbie items mainly...but there is a 20% Damage Increase Bracelet



Back to Serps...



I get a sash!  And it was handed too me! heh


I drop off at bank then come back and steal the 20% DI bracelet woot





She gives one more sash away to this player for being so persistence...and I teach her to never show her joy of getting an item in the public with a thief around....keke