Episode #65:
Just another FVO day...


Jim posts on stratics that he will have a 110 Stealing scroll on him at luna!  I run to hopefully get it first.


After he was running around for some time, I smarten up and just para him and steal it.



I of course then kill him, what type of mage thief would I be if I didnt?


Its kinda hard to get some death runes on Siege because there isnt that many spots that are markable...but a have a few so I try some out.

I open a gate to Orc Fort at Cove and Robert (Jar Jar) runs in


And comes out half life and poisoned. ^^


I cure him just in the nick of time before he dies


Again I open another gate and Jar Jar goes in but this time he isn't that successful...


I go back to Orc Fort this time with a orc mask on and try to lure a bunch of orcs together


Heh another dead person...got to love death runes.


I do a quick login on my paladin waiting at Doom Gauntlet and guess what I see...




Then back to Siege...where is was just house fighting...all right