Episode #66:
Another Event on Siege

While designing my house, I get a message that an event is going to be happening sometime soon.

The house is on Moonglow Island just south of the Zoo (Where all of the Brown Bears spawn)
1st Floor


2nd Floor


3rd Floor
Dont really plan on having it that much since I have a 18x18 near Umbra now...but maybe I can sell it for something.


Ok back to the event

We all meet in Serps and it seems to be a harder quest this time...I hope


We all get gated to Deceit


The sum of the quest was to interrupt the meeting of Minax and her Council and kill them.


It gets hard at first, there isnt really enough people to do this but eventually we start to kill them


But a lot of people did die heh



It finally ended with the death of the Fire/Gold Harpy


But before I left I had to steal something...and a nice target it was ^^