Episode #67:
My new account...and Siege Tamer

For the last week or so I been looking around for an account to buy that was either near or is at least 3 years old and had a PBD on Siege.  I find one for a good price and buy it.  It came with some good characters on Great Lakes and a Tamer on Siege...I check out the tamer and she is basically done with Taming and already 110 lore...alot of the work already done for me! LOL


I head over towards Luna to see how people react to me knowing the dont know who I am.
Path is first and after playing around with him I confess who I am :P


Griffen (DaNyC) talks to me and path about some contest a thief was having on stratics


I played as a dumb person and pretended I didn't know what stratics was


My first kill on this tamer.  Pk attacks Jim (or path) and I sit and kill him with my mare
(All Kill...is way to easy, even a lot easier with a bola and a dragon...)






Tada...its GoodGuy


You got to love the ...love they show towards GoodGuy




Me and GoodGuy do some gate hoppin and one of them we went in and GoodGuy was able to attack her and Poison her before he got banned from the house.  She then died so I ran in and dry looted.  Didnt look like much till I checked the armor..

I 85% LRC suit on siege...heh and it shouldn't be to hard to get to 100% with a few better pieces
(I'm good luck...all PKs should PK with me around)


Then back to the normal Luna...kah