Episode #68:
Thief'n on Siege

I follow a tamer, Zerial around for awhile in Luna because he has a 60 luck warfork.  Finally he gates out and I follow him and notice we are in the middle of the Hedgemaze.  I steal it, he gives chase, after alot of teleporting...

Wee I get away


I cast gate right when he finds me *but im blue and he wont attack* so he follows me in the gate...


Hey compliments...that's a rarity



Pfft...Im keeping it for my tamer



I get in the feeling to kill some FVO...here we go....kah






I steal some water from these 2 people and they start to attack me! heh I cant attack them too well with their cross g.healing, the one Im attacking has weak resists but sadly where we end up is at his house so he easily runs inside before I can finish him off...sigh


They start to get smart and cast para...I use a trapped pouch and get away.


Finally they head back to town and I get on my tamer in hope to get a quick easy revenge kill


Too bad they banned me...for shopping...? strange.
(Note: 2 days later my tamer's ban was lifted but not Corran's.)


I head back to their house with my tamer and see Keeper of Cain, he attacks me so I attack back and summon my dragon.


I kill Keeper of Cain (Notice his bones just above me) and the grays (from healing him) run inside Keeper's house.


Oh well bored I decide to show you my customed house on Siege:

First floor, infront


First Floor, Middle


First Floor, Middle 2


First Floor, Back


Second Floor


Third Floor, Front


Third Floor, Back


Forth Floor


Back to Luna I get my mares and start killing reds

Hel is my first of a few victims


It was kinda populated here today with blues so the reds stop coming out to play.



Heh ^^


Logging out on my tamer to get on my thief...I notice myself...oh the joy



Maybe one of the best kill shots I have in my harddrive.


One of the red tamers attacks me with his WW so I lure it into town and get it guard wacked


Then come back and kill Kage...keke