Episode #69:
Aint nothin' but a 69

Logging into Luna I see the whole FVO bunch is on


I have too...its like an instinct.


Jim then posts on stratics for me to come to his house in a hurry..

Seems like a tamer was mad at him and put tons of pets infront of his house heh


After he attacked us and ran before I could kill him, I finally get a 3 spell combo off and kill him
Me and Jim both page a gm in getting rid of these Kirins.


Here is a corpse of War...dying right in front of his house...heh


Then a GM comes and makes all of the Kirins go poof...but War didnt go Poof...kind of disapointing


Trying to turn grey...stupid bird wont let me tame it successfully


War then comes back with a WW and I was able to lure it away and getting it to half life before my regs went low so I let it be


Coming back to Jim's house I see Sloan just standing there so I snoop and start stealing his regs.

Eventually I turn grey and he attacks

And I kill and loot ^^


Then War comes back and Bola All Kills on me...


It got boring so I left and got on my tamer to do RoT

I finally get 5 Frenzied Ostards and try them out on Cain...He dies before he knows it


Cain then starts to work on his tamer (A tamer thief...ooo) and I stay hidden at Jhelom farms to make sure if any reds show I can at least make a challenge.

Falon comes and for awhile just kills the birds and sheep for their resources but then he turns grey off of one of Cain's kills...well I have to protect the justices don't I?


A quick 1-2 punch


Not that great of loot but he did have 150 of each reg







Ahhh...we are just trash...sucks...



Before I leave I have to test this out again... ^^