Episode #7:
The Chesapeake Drake Tournament


This is the Chesapeake's First Drake Tournament and here are the pictures I took of it

I came a little late but these were all that was here.

Roxanne Vs. Zeyke

O no, looks like Zeyke lost.

Tarik vs. Deathscythe

Deathscythe Wins

Battle For 3rd Place
SuperCroc Vs. Tarik

Its Close

Tarik is barely winning and wins

The Final Match
Deathscythe Vs. Grendel

Looks like Deathscythe is winning

Looks like Grendel is going to lose

Deathscythe Wins the Tourny!

Me of course, i have to say at least 1 thing per episode.


Drake Results In A Book