Episode #70:
...And The Whiner Of The Week Goes To....

Loging onto Siege I see a Drake outside of Jim's house named Hahaha...I can guess who its from


But its just another dead pet now


While I was grey Flame Dancer comes and attacks me!  He gives chase...I almost get him a few times but he drinks GC pots while casting GH...bah


But after stealing some of his regs...I cast harm over and over till he dies :)


I notice a bronze kyrss with some ok stats on it and tell path, we get ready to do a double steal if needed


But he steals *Turns grey* and gets away without anyone noticing




Ok Lady Moirriane comes to me and tells me she needs to talk to me, She is the friend of Lord War

Apparently they called a GM on us for stealing/Killing them












He says War wont attack us anymore...well he better not


She says that Lord War is a great PvPer....sad that he died to me while I was stuck inside Jim's house?



I guess a mage thief doesn't Duel fairly to her eyes



"the gm asked me" to basically tell us that if we steal/kill from them we are harassing them...wtf!



Then Jim comes and she and Jim go off and talk to each other...

I hope she is full of crap...but I duno with GMs nowadays



We meet Jim at his house now and see what is up




Wha...? I killed him like 2 times and that means I constantly target only him?


So I page a GM and GM Loke...responds he basically has no knowledge...this at first makes me belief they are lying then


Then Jim goes *POOF* after he paged a GM...uhhh



That cant be good









Still that FVO is being targeted is upsetting



I repage and get a blah blah answer


This time I repage and ask for GM Loke






Eep they teleported me


The Devil himself shows


I explain the situation to him so he can remember


He asks me if I have talked to Jim about it...





Bam we are back at Jim's house...to get fresh air I guess...





That is bullshit right there but the GM believes them is what sucks






More like 2 days





Sigh...WE DONT!


War is the one with Kirins and drakes outside of Jim's house...




Like Ivan was summoned...he races back to Jim's house while being followed by someone trying to kill him heh




woot War is an exploiter...that still allowed to play? wtf



I dont think he understands me there





So we better not get banned if we steal again from them or I be pissed



Do you...I think you see the Bigger picture with a trammel aspect






Then the GM goes poof or burst...eh


Me, Jim and Ivan talk about what just happened here



Hehe in my 5 1/2 years first time in jail


I get on my tamer and see a bunch of >A< at compassion so I test out my Frenzied pack...I know Ill lose them since they are not bonded but oh well

I was able to kill Draco before a few other >A< came and lured off my frenzies and killed me.
But they rez me after and only looted my armor...hats off to them


Now with my frenzies dead...I get a new pack...keke


Now with Corran I try some town stealing of heavier items

And fail




But I finally get a Cutlass from Sandas tryin to use the moongate


Not good at all but eh


I have nothing on me and he attacks...I forgot I had MR on...-8PR err


After dying (I did lower his health some with the glac. staff) I come back with some regs and kill him


But dont worry I didnt loot him...nothing great
(Until I saw later he had a Valorite Katana...doh)


Before Logging I wanted to test out my Hellcat pack



Go....damn that was quick...