Episode #8:
The 2nd Chesapeake Drake Tournament

This is the 2nd Chesapeake Drake Tournament and this time I am going to join with my drake Slain.

All that i think that came


First Match

A Tie!  Rematch Pics further down


2nd Match

Fire Wins


3rd Match

Grendel Wins *hehe*

4th Match *Hey thats me with the black wizards hat*

*showing my corran horn humor*

Fatness is a big negative in melee!

Uh no....

Excuse my french :)

Deathscythe Beats Me

Rematch of Newbie and kill

Kill Wins!


2nd Round, 1st match

Grendel Wins!


2nd Round, 2nd Battle

Fire Wins!

Ahh poor treatment of drakes is mean!
But renaming it "a" is evil!


Battle For Third Place

Deathscythe Wins!

Final Round, fire vs. Grendel

Grendel is winning but its close

Hmm looks better for Grendel

Grendel Wins the Tournament!

The Winner of the 2nd Chesapeake Drake Tournament