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3 Must Have Pieces of Industrial Landscape Equipment

by Rohan Mathew
3 Must Have Pieces of Industrial Landscape Equipment

Landscaping is a 99.7 billion dollar industry in the United States. If you are part of this industry you want to make sure that you have the right kind of landscape equipment for every job.

Having the right landscaping tools and equipment allows you to get the job done right and charge a premium price for your work.

Read on to find out about 3 must-have pieces of industrial landscaping equipment. That way when you run through your landscaping equipment checklist, you will know that you have all the important things you need.

Tree Shears

If your landscaping business uses heavy equipment, part of using it to its full potential is to have the right attachments. One of the most crucial attachments to have is tree shears.

A tree shears attachment can fit onto many different pieces of heavy equipment like Caterpillars or Bobcats. The primary purpose of tree shears is to cut down single or multiple trees.

This is useful in forestry projects such as thinning or fuel reduction. Having a piece of heavy equipment with tree shears allows you to do a week’s worth of chainsaw crews’ work in a single afternoon.

That will save your company money in personnel costs and also enhance safety for your employees by limiting their exposure. Tree shears are available in both single knife and dual knife models.

You can cut down multiple trees at the same time with a pair of industrial tree shears. This allows you to clear-cut vast swaths of land in a pinch. Watching a piece of heavy equipment use tree shears is a humbling experience.

One type of tree shears that are best for cutting multiple trees and moving them onto waiting trucks is a feller buncher. There are many specialized tree shears with different applications.

This one has an attachment claw as well as the shears themselves to grip the trees and move them around after they are cut from the ground.

Feller bunchers are best for the logging industry and other sectors of the economy that focus on merchantable timber. They may not be appropriate for all missions but come in handy when you need them


Masticators are in essence a giant wood chipper attachment for your piece of heavy equipment. They are great for grinding brush into dust. You can use them in thinning and fuel reduction projects.

They are one of the most efficient pieces of equipment for creating fire-breaks along roads and reducing overall fuel load. They can even grind down entire trees from top to bottom. This is an amazing feat to watch in person.

A masticator head can fit many common pieces of heavy equipment like Caterpillars or Bobcats. They come in all different shapes and sizes and can have teeth made of different materials with varying degrees of durability.

When used in conjunction with a tree shears attachment they can finish fuels reduction work up to even the most stringent standards.

Just make sure to educate your personnel when working around them as they can spray chunks of brush and other organic matter long distances at high speeds.

It is always a good idea to make sure that whatever piece of equipment operating your masticator has an enclosed cab. It is also a good idea to make sure that all other employees are working a safe distance away.

When you want an all in one piece of industrial landscape equipment, look no further than a masticator. While tree shears are better for felling multiple trees, masticators are better for handling brush and smaller trees.

They can cut large swaths of land leaving nothing but wood chips and particulate matter behind. Every industrial landscaping crew should have a masticator.

They are often used in finishing or touching up a unit of land. That is because they can grind up slash and other brushy components that are left behind after other pieces of industrial equipment have already been working in an area.

Excavators Are a Vital Landscape Equipment

From digging culverts to creating topographic features, excavators are an essential piece of equipment to have for any industrial landscaping outfit. The classic bucket head is compatible with almost all forms of heavy equipment.

Creating drainage ditches is always an essential part of any industrial landscaping mission. If the area you are working in does not have proper hydrology and water flow, it will flood during significant rain events.

That means all of your landscaping work is for naught. There are countless applications for excavators. Whether you are digging out an area for an aqueduct or building an earthen wall or dyke you can use an excavator.

Excavator heads come in all shapes and sizes and have many different functions. Some are better for grading or making contour lines. Others are better at taking large volumes of earth from the ground to make a hole.

You can use one kind of excavator for multiple different tasks. Excavators have uses in the commercial, residential, and industrial landscaping sectors.

Buying this versatile piece of industrial equipment ensures that your landscaping company has all the tools it needs to complete even the toughest jobs. 

Renting an excavator or other piece of heavy equipment can be expensive and increase your company’s liability. It is better to purchase this piece of equipment outright and keep it well maintained to maximize your profits.

Get the Right Tools

To make your company the best it can be, you need the right pieces of landscape equipment. Tree shears, masticators, and excavators are the big three when it comes to heavy equipment attachments for landscaping.

Make sure that your company invests in the right tools so that you can take on all the potential jobs at your doorstep. That way you can increase your profits. For all your other information, make sure to check out the rest of our page.

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