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3 Simple Steps To Breathe New Life Into Your Living Room Furnishings

by Krutika Lohakare
3 Simple Steps To Breathe New Life Into Your Living Room Furnishings

Bored with your living room? Reinvigorating your home does not have to be time, cost, or labor-intensive if you keep a few basic steps in mind.

1) Pick a focal point.

Upgrading any room can feel overwhelming, but a great place to start is to pick a key feature. This can be almost anything: a favorite piece of art, a large houseplant, even a non-standard paint color on the walls, or a built-in feature, like floor-to-ceiling windows. Just keep in mind that smaller accessories may not command space in the same way as larger furnishings. 

This feature will provide a color and style palette for the rest of the décor. Odds are that some of your existing furnishings already match this pallet. Others can be repurposed or swapped with furnishing in other rooms, or even repainted to fit with your new design aesthetic. 

Before considering new purchases, confirm what does and does not fit with your fresh palette. This will optimize your budget and allow you to focus on upgrading rather than simply replacing elements like sofas and ottomans. 

2) Upgrade your most-used furniture.

You have options for every piece in your living room: swap, refinish or replace. Whether or not you decide to have your sofa or other living room furniture function as a focal point, maintaining the condition of the furniture you use the most is a fantastic way to not only improve the appearance of your space but prolong the life of your furniture.

While refinishing or reupholstering can work wonders, you may decide that it is time to replace your worn-out sofa or settee. If so, consider looking for complete living room furniture sets. Piece for piece, sets tend to be a better deal and bring the added benefit of working together to create a cohesive whole. A solid living room set can also function as a great focal point for your living room.

3) Keep function in mind.

With your kids or furry best friends routinely running all over the floor, you will need a durable and easy-to-clean area rug. If it is within your budget, leather furniture is also more durable than looser knit materials like linen. The same considerations go for every element of your living room. Your space is wasted if you cannot effectively use it.

Consider the size, too. There is no point in having plenty of seating available if the massive sectional makes the room feel too crowded to properly relax in, for instance. Your goal should be to unite style and utility. Remember, too, that a fully furnished space does not need to have all the “standard” elements of a room; it requires only the furnishings that you regularly use and need. Less is more. If you have fantastic overhead lighting or large windows, for instance, lamps may be redundant.

A living room upgrade can be as simple as introducing a potted palm or as involved as complete furniture set replacement. Either way, your space should reflect your lifestyle. Get ready to enjoy living in your living room again!

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