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5 Essentials for Any UK Roadtrip

by Altaf
5 Essentials for Any UK Roadtrip

Planning a road trip can be exciting, but planning for it can also be a complicated process sometimes!

An exciting road trip is a perfect way to see the UK. But before you embark on your next adventure, make sure you have all of the essentials with you, because you will certainly miss them if you dont have them when you need them!

There are so many crucial factors to consider before you set off on your journey., from deciding what time of year to go to finding the right places to go, and most of all, it can be hard to figure out what you need to take with you that is essential!. 

Do you know what they are? 

There could be so many things we deem essential, but what we are aiming to do is to choose those 5 essential elements that will enhance our UK roadtrip!

Read on for the list!

GPS/ Satnav

It’s not always easy to independently find your way around when you’re in a new place, but this should help!

If you are planning on taking a UK road trip and don’t know your way around, then you’ll need a GPS. 

 GPS really helps us to find our way around when we’re in a new or unfamiliar place, and the last thing you want to do is get horrendously lost!

 By having a sat-nav, you can plan your journeys ahead of time to check timings to specific locations and be alerted to any issues on the road that you could avoid and save being in a long line of traffic, which could spoil your roadtrip altogether.


This may sound contradictory to the point we made above, but not everywhere in the Uk can be covered accurately by GPS!

Although there is a high proportion of the UK that is covered by GPS, there is likely to be some remote regions and soma coastal areas that are a bit sketchy, so having a current map of the UK in the glove box will be super helpful if you find yourself in an area lacking digital civilisation!

You can get a map from the tourist office or online ahead of time and save yourself the hassle of finding one once you get there.

Food and drink

If you’re going on a UK roadtrip, then pack some food with you – it will save you lots of money if you plan ahead!

What’s one of the best things about taking a road trip? Stopping for food!

While there are some fantastic restaurants in the UK, they can be expensive. And if you’re driving, you’ll need to find a place that sells food within walking distance of a suitable place to park your car.

So, pack some snacks and drinks to save yourself money and make your journey more enjoyable.

Chargers for electronic devices

You’ll need your phone, GPS system, and dash cams fully charged to explore new places safely, so charge up before you go and take the chargers with you!

One of the most essential items to pack for any UK roadtrip is your chargers for your electronic devices!

There is nothing worse than being fully into your roadtrip to find that you cannot charge a phone that is on 5% or you cannot record on your dashcam for safety because the charging cable is not there!

On top of the chargers, you also need to make sure you take any converters with you, such as cigarette lighter USB adaptors, to charge on the go, unless your vehicle has designated plug sockets, that is!

Your legal car credentials

This element is absolutely essential, especially if you are travelling way out of your regular area and you will be away for a sufficient amount of time!

The credentials you need to carry with you in a small folder in your glove box, where possible, will give you easy access to all of the essential pieces of paperwork in the event of an accident or incident.

You should consider carrying:

  • A copy of your driving license, as well as the original photocard, to show for identification purposes.
  • A copy of your vehicles MOT test certificate
  • A copy of your valid insurance documentation
  • A printout of your car Tax reference number and schedule of payment
  • Ownership documentation for the vehicle

This all may seem a little overkill on the surface. Still, suppose anything was to happen where you cannot access anything digitally. In that case, this little essentials folder will be a lifesaver in the case of any emergencies, incidents, or accidents.


Road trips are exciting adventures that can be the perfect getaway in the UK.

The UK has many great destinations that are all within realistic driving distances. Still, the journey can be a make-or-break situation if you dont take some essential items with you!

Finding your way around safely in an unfamiliar area can be daunting with no assistance, so make sure you have some reliable navigation device to help you out in real-time, and also ensure you avoid any accidents or diversions on roads you may not know well.

However, not all areas of the UK are covered by GPS, so it’s always best to take an up-to-date map with you too, so if you find yourself in an area with no coverage, you can still navigate around safely and in the right direction!

Long journeys call for some food and hydration along the way! Service stations and roadside restaurants can be so expensive, so taking a small picnic with plenty of drinks with you will save you so much money.

And the final and absolute essentials you need to take on your UK roadtrip are definitely chargers and converters for your devices so you can charge on the go, and ensure that you carry a small folder with all of the legal requirements you may need in case of an accident, incident or emergency.

You’ll be glad you did! Happy road-tripping!

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