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5 Gift Ideas for Kids who Want to Code

by Rohan Mathew
5 Gift Ideas for Kids who Want to Code

Kids nowadays are addicted to gadgets. From texting to playing games, watching movies, sharing videos to taking selfies, smartphones offer everything. This has created a desire in  children to have a more in-depth insight of the working process of the devices. Not many may realize it, but teaching kids how to get things done can sharpen their skill, logical thinking and technical knowledge of gadgets.

Parents with a keen will for their kid to excel in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics can give these wide range of products to their children. These products allow the kids to explore their curiosity and potential at a young age and can be really helpful for them in the future.

Coding and programming are one such field with extensive scope for career. Here are five such technology toys that you can give to your kids and allow them to learn the basics of coding.

1. Coding Set Pro

Coding Set Pro is a perfect gift for kids to help them learn how to code. It is a screenless, word free coding game. This kit allows kids to program a robot, create music, art, and a lot more. It allows the children to establish a good coordination between the hand and the mind. This product lets the kids code at a young age. It comes with over a hundred parts for creating different functions and features. The coding set Matatalab is an optimum product for the cognitive development of kids. Kids can get creative with it and unleash their imagination and explore the countless possibilities that come with this set.

2. mTiny coding Kit

mTiny is an education robot for little children. It comes with a Tap Pen Controller as a tool to code. It has an engaging stimulation using physical blocks and several story maps. It helps kids to work on their logical thinking and problem-solving skills through interactive games. It encourages learning and sparks curiosity in children from a young age. It is a unique toy that engages kids while teaching them the concepts of math. mTiny takes different senses catalyzing the development of children. Made with food-grade silicone, it is RoHS certified and perfectly safe for kids.

3. CoDrone Lite

CoDrone Lite is a toy-sized, programmable drone that you can program to do anything. With this drone, your kid can easily learn to code while not even realizing how advanced these tasks are. It comes with an online curriculum to teach programming using a drone simulator and dedicated libraries for Arduino. The quadcopter Drone has a Bluetooth module and Inventor board. The remote control works effectively in a long-range. Additionally, the drone has a first-person view camera for an amazing experience.

4. Micro:bit Smart Coding Kit

Smartwatches are cool whether you aesthically or functionally. Every kid wants to get their hands on one, but there is something that is even better than owning a smartwatch, and that is creating a smartwatch. One can only imagine the amount of confidence the kid will have wearing a smartwatch they built and programmed themselves, isn’t it?. The pack contains wear: bit, canvas strap, USB wire, and a screwdriver for kids to be assembled at hand. It supports MakeCode, Scratch, and Python, and kids will be learning it all with the enthusiasm of having to make their smartwatch.

5. Osmo Coding Starter Kit for iPad

Osmo Coding Kit can sharpen the children’s logical thinking and triggers the programming skills with fun games. The games teach kids coding along with developing important skills such as visual acuity, pattern recognition, computational thinking, etc. While playing interactive games, the kids will learn to place physical blocks into sequences. For the kids aged 5 to 12, the Osmo Coding kit is being used in 30000+ classes. It can be played exclusively on the iPad and is compatible with almost all iPads with iOS 9 or above. Osmo provides a pleasant gaming experience to children while allowing them to learn an important skill.

So, what do you think about gifting these cool kits and toys for children? Aren’t they a fun way to teach them how their favorite devices work? We are pretty sure that these coding kits can help them prepare technically and develop their analytical mind.

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