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5 Overlooked Job Application Tips to Get You Hired

by Rohan Mathew
5 Overlooked Job Application Tips to Get You Hired

Are you considering switching jobs? Surveys have shown that only 40% of Americans enjoy working at their current jobs, so you’re not alone. Luckily, it’s never too late to make the switch over to your dream career.

However, even if you’re qualified for it, landing your dream job isn’t a walk in the park. The application process can be brutal, and many people end up feeling that they just don’t have what it takes. 

To save yourself from disappointment, we’ve compiled this list of job application tips that will make the process easier. By following them, you’ll have no problem getting your dream job.

Keep reading to learn about five things you can do when applying for a job that will help you get hired. 

  1. Make Sure It’s a Job That You Enjoy

Part of life involves working your way towards things that you want. And sometimes, that means working your way from an unsavory job to a more enjoyable one. However, make sure that you at least feel something for the job you’re applying for.

Even if it’s not your dream job, employers want to see passion, and that’s hard to fake. Short of passion, they want to know that you’ll show up to work on time enthused and ready to start the day. Make sure you reassure them that you will. 

  1. Always Include a Cover Letter

If you really want a certain job, make sure that you do everything you can to get it. In extreme cases, that might mean having a fake degree. But most of the time, it means writing a cover letter, even if the job you’re applying to says that it’s optional.

Cover letters allow you to tell a story and get a bit more personal. Make sure to write one each time you apply for a job. 

  1. Sell Yourself

When you’re filling out your application, use language that sells yourself and highlights your accomplishments. You’ll also want to be specific. If you managed a team of workers, what did they accomplish under your leadership? 

Make sure you also take the time to do this on your resume. 

  1. Ask Questions During the Interview

Remember that interviewing for a job is also when you get to ask the employer questions. Asking them questions can not only give you more insight into the company, but it also looks professional. 

Prepare a list of questions beforehand to ensure that you don’t draw a blank when it’s time to ask them. 

  1. Be Persistent 

Remember that persistence is key. It might seem awkward or pushy to send a follow-up email after submitting an application or finishing an interview. But odds are that employers will appreciate your tenacity. 

Employers have a right to keep you informed during the decision-making process. Hold them to high standards, as they’ll do the same to you. 

Try These Job Application Tips

The job application process can be stressful and taxing, but it doesn’t need to be. Try out some of the job application tips mentioned in this guide, and you can be certain that you’ll end up with the right job for you. 

Did you find these job application tips to be helpful? If you did, remember to check out some of our other articles for more helpful guides and tips. 

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