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5 Types of Settlements to Expect After a Car Accident

by Altaf
5 Types of Settlements to Expect After a Car Accident

Once you have been a victim of a car accident, you are likely to suffer some level of damage. Even with minor injuries, you are still going to spend some money on treatment and car repairs. That’s why you need to file a personal injury claim to ensure the recovery of all the damages faced due to the experience. 

How a personal injury settlement is deciphered relies on the components that caused the accident. Understanding these factors will allow you to determine what you may receive and help you push for the settlement you deserve whenever you receive petty offers from insurance providers. 

To ensure the success of your claim, you need to get in touch with a qualified personal injury attorney sourced from the best car accident law firm available. While planning to file a claim, you may still be unaware of what to expect from your claim, how much you might receive, and whether it will be enough.

What Categories of Reimbursement Can You Receive from a Car Accident Claim?

1. Lost Wages

This is payment for the loss of income you experience during your recovery phase since you may have been unable to work as you did before the accident. This also includes loss of future income. 

For instance, if the injuries you suffered make it such that you can never resume work or are forced to get a significantly lower-paying job, then you would be entitled to compensation for future lost income.

2. Current and Future Medical Bills

The treatment and medical services you receive after the accident, such as ambulance assistance, therapy, medication, and more, will cost you, and in most cases, you may use your own money. 

From the settlement, you will be reimbursed the cost of the medical bills you paid for. Additionally, if part of your treatment program requires that you undergo surgery, therapy, or any form of care, such future costs will be added to the claim.

3. Damage Incurred on Your Car or Loss of Other Valuables 

The cost for repairing your car after the accident is also added to the total amount of settlement you should receive. Moreover, if you lost any items of value from the crash, such as jewelry or a phone, you can add these items to your lawsuit.

4. Pain and Suffering

The emotional and physical turmoil you experience because of the accident is what can be referred to as pain and suffering. The severity of your injuries influences the settlement amount you might receive.

Suppose you were subjected to some burns or other painful wounds that cause you great discomfort and hurt; the court will consider pain and suffering as part of the settlement.

5. Punitive Damages

In rare cases where the driver’s conduct may be regarded as extremely reckless, they may be inclined to pay for punitive damages to discourage the repetition of similar behavior in the future. 

In instances where substance abuse is proven to be the cause of the accident, punitive damages apply. This type of compensation is mostly imposed on drunk drivers.

Thoroughly Assess Your Situation 

In a car accident, many variables come into play; therefore, you can not really estimate which injury will add up to what amount, as different cases end up in different ways. However, with a good lawyer by your side, you can be sure to include all the aspects of damages endured to your claim without leaving out any parts, allowing you to get the deserved settlement amount.

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