6 Surefire Ecommerce Website Redesign Strategies to Up Your Sales Game

A professional and visually appealing ecommerce web design is one of the utmost requirements for running an online store. It can help your ecommerce business grow and earn more profits. No matter if you are offering high-quality products, if the website is not professionally designed, chances are no will purchase products from your online store. 

The goal of your ecommerce website is to sell more and more products and attract more customers to increase brand awareness. If your online store is not generating sales and encouraging users to perform actions like sign up or purchase, then it’s high time to redesign your ecommerce website. It doesn’t matter if you use WordPress, online website builder, or custom ecommerce platform; these design strategies will help you come up with a better version of your ecommerce website that will eventually increase sales. 

  • Offer a Great UX

The experience your customers have while interacting with your website can make or break your brand image. By making some small changes in your UX design strategy, you can significantly improve your bottomline. When your website is easy to use and offers a memorable user experience, it will encourage visitors to purchase your products, become your loyal customers, and recommend your brand to other consumers. An easy to browse and easy to digest ecommerce website can appeal to a wider audience and create a memorable user experience. 

  • Make it Responsive

There is no denying the fact that a majority of ecommerce website visitors make online purchases via using their smartphones. If your online store is not optimized for mobile devices, it will make it difficult for a visitor to use your website and take the desired action. This is why creating a mobile version of your ecommerce website has now become a necessity. When users can easily view their products and interact with your website, it will encourage them to stick to your website and make a purchase decision. A Dubai websitedesign companycan help you create a mobile version of your ecommerce website that will surely help you increase your conversions and sales. 

  • Add Some Visual Elements

Having a website with beautiful visuals can attract a wider audience and increase your chances of getting more sales. Users won’t think for a second to leave your online store if the web design is unattractive. You can enhance the look of your ecommerce website design by adding beautiful imagery, color scheme, and videos. By using relevant images and interesting videos, you can create an emotional connection with your website visitors. While using a consistent color palette throughout your website can invoke particular feelings and set the tone of your ecommerce website. 

  • Easy to Use Navigation

If your website has complex navigation, users will leave your website without making a purchase. The goal of your ecommerce website design is to provide users with an amazing navigation experience and allows them to add items to the shopping cart. If your navigation is simple and offersfewer options, it will make it easier for the users to find what you need. When you provide easy and simple navigation options to find a product, it will persuade customers to buy a product. 

  • Consistency Matters a lot 

When users land on your website, they remember your company name because of the brand image you present while using your website design. So, it is critically important to structure your website in a way that creates a memorable impression. Use the same typographic patterns and colors throughout the website to instill a unique experience in the minds of your potential customers. Similarly, it is advised to use the consistent design pattern throughout your website. If your product page has a video, design other product landing pages with the similarities in mind to create a stronger brand presence.

  • Add Social Proof 

If you want to generate more leads and sales with your ecommerce website, then it important to gain customers’ trust by showing social proof. You can make your potential customers believe your brand by showing customer reviews, awards, testimonial videos, social media mentions, and a lot more. But that doesn’t mean to fill your website with social proof. Only show the most relevant and appropriate evidence that can help you gain customers’ trust.

By keeping these easy to follow redesign tips, you will be able to create a good ecommerce website design that will attract more customers and generate more profits.  

Author Bio:

Mohammad Ali is an experienced digital marketer and a search engine marketing specialist who is currently associated with Branex a Web Design Company, as senior digital marketer and brand strategist.

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