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7 Steps to Preventing Workplace Injuries

by Ragini Salampure
7 Steps to Preventing Workplace Injuries

Despite the massive improvement in employees’ working environment over the years, there are still a significant number of workplace accidents that occur annually. A number of these accidents can be easily avoided with just a few modifications. Understanding how that can be done is vital to reducing these incidents. Both the employee and employer can suffer devastating effects from workplace injuries.
Illinois alone makes up 40% of the total work injuries in the country. Even with industry best efforts, employees end up sustaining injuries that can keep them from working for prolonged periods. When this happens, the victim, with the help of a competent personal injury lawyer from a qualified Chicago injury law firm, may seek financial compensation. It’s important for both the employees and the employers to exercise diligence in preventing workplace injuries.

How Employers Can Protect Their Workforce from Accidents?

The first thing to do is to implement a safety and wellness strategy that will provide a medium for a secure work environment.
Read on to learn more about preventing workplace injury.

How to Prevent injuries in Your Workplace

1. Administer Pre-placement Physicals

A number of workplace accidents are caused by the workers’ inability to physically handle the workload required for the position. Employers should ensure applicants are properly screened in order to appropriately assign work positions in accordance with a worker’s capabilities.

2. Invest In Safety Equipment

Ensure your organization has the right equipment for all the operations conducted. Educate your workers and supervisors on the proper use of safety gear, such as safety shoes, hard hats, goggles, and other equipment.

3. Hire Enough People

Having fewer employees than you need will require some staff members to work overtime, and others end up being overworked. Overworked employees can easily get into accidents because of exhaustion. You can prevent this by hiring additional staff or seasonal workers to cover extra shifts.

4. Train Workers and Supervisors

Ensure to educate both workers and supervisors on the safety standards concerning their work environment. Teach your staff members about the significance of observing safety regulations at all times. 

5. Follow Processes to Completion

When employees rush to finish a job ahead of schedule, they might skip some steps in their work, leading to accidents. All procedures need to be followed to prevent any mishaps.

6. Maintain a Clean Working Environment

Ensure the work area is clear of any hazardous materials. Eliminate anything that may pose a threat to the safety of the workplace; these things may include spills, dangerously hanging items, exposed sharp pointy things, and debris.

7. Perform Maintenance On Your Company Vehicles and Machines

Workplace accidents can cost an employer a lot of money. Monthly inspections and vehicle maintenance can help save the lives of your workers and save the company the cost of settling injury claims.

As many precautions as you may have taken to prevent workplace accidents, sometimes workers will still get into accidents. Practice adequate preparation so your business is prepared for the unexpected and have an injury response team to facilitate timely medical assistance.

Prevention Can Be More Cost-Effective than Correction

Accidents may be unavoidable, but with the implementation of protective measures, there is a better chance of reducing the number of injuries. Employees should be encouraged to speak up if current safety measures are functioning effectively. In this way, corrective measures can be taken.

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