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A good workplace makes productive 

by Ragini Salampure
A good workplace makes productive 

Everyone has been able to experience what working from home means during the corona crisis. According to various research, this will remain the normal course of action for most people. Working from home has changed a few things. 

For example, there is no physical contact with colleagues possible, this means that a chat at the coffee machine is a thing of the past. It is clear that communication is different, some people find it pleasant and others find it difficult. 


In general, people experience working from home as positive, according to inquiries that have been made. Especially when there is variation and people also work in the office. People appreciate the change. It has also become possible to organize one’s own day and this also generates satisfaction.

For example, relative quietness is good for performing tasks that require focused attention. Productivity is higher because there is less distraction and environmental noise. You must have set up an ergonomically responsible home workplace where you can go about your business undisturbed. 

It has become popular to use height adjustable desks because they offer the possibility to sit and work in the most beneficial way. Making the spine aligned with your head while working behind a screen. You can also create a noise-free environment by setting up a few well-placed standing screens that are produced by Nomique.

Then you make it easier for yourself to meet deadlines and make better use of your working hours. Moreover, you do not have to spend travelling time when you work from home. Your employer also saves on costs in this way. 

Save travel time

In general, there is less absenteeism due to homework. The absence of crowds at the office and while travelling during rush hour is not experienced as pleasant when people are not feeling well. A well-furnished home office, on the other hand, encourages people to do something in case of complaints. People are more satisfied and experience less stress. 

However, it is not possible to sit at a table with a team, this must be done online. Also, people are no longer present in a room together, which may lead to more feelings of loneliness among the employees. 


It is therefore important that you not only work and do nothing else, but it is also extremely healthy to move and occasionally have a chat with people in your environment or who you meet during your walk. It is also important that you alternate enough during work. You can do this by setting up a sit-stand desk, but you can also move freely for a few minutes every hour.

In that regard, the general working conditions rules also apply to working from home, so make sure that your workplace is responsible. The fear of a lack of productivity on the part of employers has been allayed by the crisis. 

It is very likely that working from home will be a permanent reality, where a well-designed workplace should come first.

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