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Attending AA Meetings in Mississippi Will Fill You up With Positive Energy to Quit Alcohol

by Paresh Bramhane

The state of Mississippi has seen a steady growth of alcohol addiction cases in recent times. Over 6% of people aged 21 and above were addicted to alcohol in Mississippi. Today alcohol addiction accounts for nearly one-fourth of all kinds of addiction in the state. If you are a part of these stats, it is still not too late to realize that you can leave all that behind and return to living soberly like most folks. Depending on the level of your addiction, you could opt for a detoxification program of your choice – inpatient, which is expensive or outpatient, which is economical. In case you have alcohol dependency, it is better to get detoxicated before moving on to the next stage of de-addiction in the AA meetings in Mississippi

Do you have a supportive family? 

Not many alcoholics are blessed with a supportive family and there are good reasons for that. You cannot point a finger at your family if they don’t stand by your alcohol addiction and the resulting disruption it brings to bear on them. However, any decision to quit alcohol addiction would be welcomed by any family and they will even help you to an AA meeting in Jackson Mississippi

You would be encouraged to quit alcohol for good when you see the happiness in the faces of your family members after you inform them of your decision. Feel free to ask them, “Is there any AA meeting near me?” They would be more than willing to help you find a meeting that is close by and convenient for you. With a supportive family you need not go to a reform house.    

Attending that first meeting is vital

Whether you are a loner living in a reform house or have a family to stand by you, it is vital for you to attend any one of the first AA meetings that is close by. Of course there are different types of meetings that are themed on different topics and priorities. Unless you attend that first meeting, you wouldn’t know the spirit of positivity that abound there. 

They eagerly welcome every newcomer and provide guidance in whatever way possible. Besides, the people you meet there have all been alcoholics and are at different levels of de-addiction. You will obviously find that encouraging. So, if you have made up your mind to quit alcohol, check out the nearest meeting on the AA meeting locator. 

The invaluable takeaways of these meetings 

Any Mississippi AA meeting is essentially based on the 12 main traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous that asks you to first of all own up the mistakes you committed as an alcoholic. There is a religious element in this kind of confession because they explicitly ask you to submit yourself before the Lord God and work your way toward sobriety in the company of others who have successfully done it. 

If you are not inclined toward religion in any way or at any rate, the conventional way, try local AA meetings where they have a theme that focuses on meditation and building mental strength. These meetings have grown out and about over the years to include many different approaches depending on the needs of the participants. However, they all stand on the plank of the 12 traditions and the 12 traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous.  

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