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Beautiful Flowers for Wedding Venue Decorations 

by Purva Jagtap
Beautiful Flowers for Wedding Venue Decorations 

Wedding is one of the most prestigious milestones of everyone’s lives wherein everything needs to be perfect. Every detail needs to be ensured by the couple or the wedding planners to be absolutely perfect. But one such detail which often gets overlooked is the decorations done with beautiful flowers. Flowers tend to add up their charm to the wedding ceremonies and tend to notch up the entire happy vibe of the celebration. Flowers are said to symbolise love, romance, care, passion, desire and a dash of glamorous along with purity; all of these qualities tend to make it a perfect accessory for weddings. Their extraordinary beauty and elegance tend to leave one and all speechless. If you, too, are planning for wedding venue decorations for your wedding or maybe someone dear’s, here’s a list of flowers that you may like to doll up your wedding venue with. Each of these flowers has got a nice yet bright colour tone to it, which is sure to give you and your guests some nice Instagram-worthy colourful pictures. Also, you can choose to personally visit some nearby flower market or shop for these flowers in bulk online alongwith flower delivery services. Without much ado, let’s get into knowing what these beautiful flowers, which are perfect for wedding venue decoration purposes, are.

  1. Peonies – Peonies seem to create a magical aura with their blossoming petals and their irresistible fragrance. They can be easily paired up with some other flowers to deck up the entire wedding venue – as they tend to complement other flowers very well. You can have some peony bouquets placed in the mandap or even at the entrance door. It is sure to fetch you some nice complement for its entire romantic appearance. 
  2. Daisies – Representing new beginnings, trust, loyalty, purity and other such qualities, daises are one such flower that is widely used for wedding venue decorations. They come in different shapes, sizes and colours, which is what makes it easy for us to make it into any kind of beautiful flower arrangement without even having to think twice. From making great dining table centrepieces to decorating the front door with its charm, daisies are known for adding their charming appearance to our wedding memories. 
  3. Roses – One of the most romantic tokens of floral love is roses. People have been opting for roses coming in different colours to decorate their dreamy wedding venues for centuries now. Roses are every couples’ first choice of flowers when it comes to decking up the entire hall or venue on their D-day.  
  4. Carnations – Glam up the entire look of your wedding venue as you opt for some colourful carnations. You can choose to place some carnations in vases and in bouquet-like setups at every nook and corner of the wedding venue. As these flowers symbolise true love, purity, and gratitude, their charm is sure to conquer the hearts of all your guests. It is one such flower that lasts longer than others, making it an ideal choice of wedding venue decoration. 
  5. Gardenias – A popular entrance flower, gardenias can be well placed over a wedding dining table. As these flowers stand for two souls coming together and pure love, it makes a perfect choice to decorate the entire wedding venue with it. Not just for weddings, but couples opt for gardenias as reception flowers as well. A touch of elegance through these gardenias are sure to make the wedding memories extremely special for the couple.  
  6. Succulent Flowers – Suucelnt flowers gives an edgy appeal when used for wedding venue decorations. One can choose to decorate their walls, doors, sides of sofas and other such places with succulent flowers. Regardless of which season is it, they are quite readily available in the marketplace. To add a stunning touch of floral joy, you can rest assured with these succulent flowers without even a single doubt in your mind. 

So, these were some of our personal favourite choices of flowers to decorate wedding venues with. Most of these flowers are seasonal, so you can choose to opt for these as per what your loved one has either a spring or winter wedding. Let us know which one you are planning to go with.

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