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Becoming A Good Cricket Player Necessitates These 5 Set Of Skills

by Madhuri boinwad
Becoming A Good Cricket Player Necessitates These 5 Set Of Skills

Cricket is a complicated sport in which players can take on a range of roles. Some players will shine as expert batsmen, some as specialist bowlers, and some as outstanding wicket keepers! All of the various positions in a cricket team need players to have some specific skills to perform well, and if you’re new to cricket, you may be curious what these skills are in fantasy games.

  1. Reflexes That Are Fast

To cope with fast bowling, you’ll need to be able to react to the ball immediately, which is where good reflexes come in handy. Quick reflexes will help you avoid being struck by the ball if it is coming straight at you, and they will also help you change your shots if the ball does anything unpredictable after it reaches the pitch. Furthermore, possessing strong reflexes allows you to use your foot easily to come down the slope and attack a spin bowler. 

There’s no better way to improve your reflexes than to train against fast bowling. Shortening the pitch duration by a fair distance is one technique We’ve used over the years. This implies that bowlers or trainers will be able to hit you with the ball from a closer distance! As a result, you’ll have less time to respond and will have to rely on fast reflexes to cope with the delivery.

  1. Wrists That Can Flex

You’ll be very good at picking the holes between fielders if you have versatile wrists. When batting against spin, the best batsmen in the world can twist their wrists as they strike their shots to pierce a specific gap in the ground. They’ll have more chances to score runs as a result of this! A batter with stiff wrists who plays more conventionally can hit the ball harder at the fielders. This provides for more pressure on them and makes it much easier for the opposing captain to set a field against them in new fantasy crikcet app.

  1. A Sense Of Energy Balance

In cricket, balance is essential. Batters, in particular, need good credit to remain stable when batting the ball. If your posture is shaky, you may have a difficult time hitting the ball correctly. It would help if you practised walking, running, or batting with a bean bag on your head to improve your balance. Squats on one knee and walking in straight lines are both excellent exercises.

  1. Concentration At A High Level

Although it’s challenging to teach, the best batsmen have high levels of commitment that allow them to stay concentrated for extended periods. You’ll be able to bat more confidently and stick at the crease longer if you remain positive and stop distractions and nerves as much as possible. This is something that we can all strive for.

  1. Weight Transfer & Good Balance

If you want to be a good batsman, you must keep your composure when playing your shots. You will better move your weight into the images with good form, ensuring you don’t have to drive the ball as hard to hit it for a boundary.

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