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Best Grammar Checker Tool for Writing in WordPress

by Paresh Bramhane
Best Grammar Checker Tool for Writing in WordPress

From writing emails to crafting the perfect blog post, grammar is essential if you want to maintain credibility in the business world. Some of us write in English but could still use some tips along the way. Others are not native to the language, so they try to make sure they sound professional every time they write. Regardless of the situation, the solution is to consider one of the best grammar checking tools.

There are people who especially like the grammar checker that integrates with WordPress and other online applications for email and social media. Having native apps is also a plus, as neither one requires another tab to stay open.

Some of our suggestions focus more on niche needs, such as correcting passive voices and switching languages. But we’ll cover everything! Keep reading to learn more about the best grammar options on the market today.

Best Grammar Checker Tool

All grammar checkers have been tested and approved by well-known people. The top two (Grammarly and the Hemingway App) are often used by many people to find grammatical errors in WordPress, avoid passive words before publication, and only spot errors we might have missed.

  1. Grammarly

Grammarly is not only one of the most popular and best grammar checking tools, but it also offers some excellent integrations for those working with WordPress and other online writing programs. To get started, Grammarly has a free Chrome extension that corrects and suggests edits in your browser. So you can use it to see Grammarly working when WordPress is open, like in other programs like Gmail, Google Docs, and social media accounts.

Grammarly isn’t just a spell checker. These tools are designed to polish your grammar and spelling based on the context of what you’ve written. Because of this approach, Grammarly identifies items such as weak adjectives, misspelled words, missing articles, and inappropriate use of commas. What’s more, is that Grammarly provides error explanations so you can improve your writing in the future.

The basic Grammarly Chrome extension is free. This extension enables various Grammarly features in most browser-based applications. There are also free downloads for a version of Grammarly that works with Microsoft Office, as well as native apps for Windows and Mac.

That said, some individuals and organizations out there might want the more advanced features of Grammarly. In this case, Grammarly offers a premium version for $12 per month or $12.50 per month.

It extends the original extension by adding features such as advanced checks for sentence structure, vocabulary suggestions, and genre-specific style analysis. But you can use the Grammarly premium for free, it’s very easy, just log in the Grammarly with the free Grammarly premium account and use it same to same premium Grammarly.

Why It’s One of the Best Grammar Checking Tools for WordPress?

  • The free Chrome extension offers a critical grammar and spell check, making it much more advanced than the regular spell checker.
  • You can upgrade to get some amazing features like a plagiarism detector and advanced context checker.
  • The Chrome app installs itself in your browser in a few seconds and starts working on WordPress, Gmail, Google Docs, and other apps without having to configure any settings.
  • Weekly progress reports and error explanations ensure that you don’t use Grammarly as a crutch, but actually, you can learn from your mistakes.
  • Unlike a regular spell checker, Grammarly looks to more complicated fixes, such as for subject-verb agreement and comma splicing.
  • You have the option to save and gain access to your previous work from any computer.
    Grammarly keeps your personal dictionary so it corrects or ignores certain words you use regularly.
  • You can disable Grammarly on certain websites. For example, it may not work properly on some websites or you may find that you don’t need it for some tasks.
  • The native app works great so you don’t have to worry about bookmarking or leaving other tabs open.
  1. Hemingway App

The Hemingway App is a little different from your standard grammar checker. This is because it strives to make your writing more concise, active, and engaging. Named after Ernest Hemingway who was known for including vivid detail in his writings, while still using short and clear sentences. Not only that, but he focuses on always using an active voice instead of a passive one. Therefore, the Hemingway App lets you paste your writing (or write in the app). Then, it provides a value for readability, while also telling you the following:

  • How many adverbs are used (the less the better)?
  • How many times have you used the passive word?
  • If some phrases have simpler alternatives.
  • If some of your sentences are hard to read.

The Hemingway app doesn’t have a direct WordPress plugin or Chrome extension to work with your browser, but it’s still the best grammar checker for those who want to make their writing better. We recommend that you write articles in WordPress (or whatever word processor you prefer) then copy the finished product to the Hemingway App before publishing. This way, you not only learn what you did wrong, but you can clear things up like passive words before anyone reads them.

The online version of the Hemingway App is completely free for you to use. You can also consider the desktop app for $19.99 if you want to install the original version of the tool on a Mac or Windows computer. The good news about the desktop app is that it has direct integration with WordPress for a one-click publishing process.

Why It’s One of the Best Grammar Checking Tools for WordPress?

  • This free tool is available in your browser and allows you to quickly copy your text before publishing.
  • This tool focuses on fixing problems like passive words, adverbs, complex sentences, and more.
  • You receive a readability score so you know exactly how your readers will view your writing.
  • This free app also includes some simple metrics like reading time, words, sentences and paragraphs.
  • The paid desktop version only costs $19.99 one time.
  • With the desktop version, you don’t need an internet connection, if it’s connected to WordPress, and you can export to Microsoft Word and other editors.

Apart from these 2 best grammar checking tools, you can also try others but we won’t cover them in this discussion. Here are the names:

  • Ginger
  • WhiteSmoke
  • Language Tools
  • OnlineCorrection

That’s the discussion about the best grammar checker tool that you can choose for your English writing needs. Hopefully, this article can be useful!

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