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Cleaning services that help to make your work environment healthier

by Krutika Lohakare
Cleaning services that help to make your work environment healthier

Providing a healthy work environment, which is constantly maintained in the best hygienic conditions, is key to employee satisfaction, well-being and productivity. Studies show that 72% of employees are reluctant to recommend a company with poor office hygiene to job applicants, while 70% consider that this affects their overall job satisfaction.

In other words, the work environment influences the overall satisfaction of employees, and hygiene plays a decisive role in this matter. Research also shows that complaints about toilets are the most common. That is why it is essential to ensure quality and consistency in cleaning. Especially now when hygiene is a top priority. Cleaning services surrey help to have clean environment at your work place.

Managers who have decided to reopen their offices or are thinking of doing so are concerned about keeping their teams safe. Still, they must also satisfy the needs of their clients, guaranteeing the quality of service. You have to find the balance. In this scenario, the work of the Facility Manager is decisive since its objective is to offer the work team a rewarding experience, minimizing the impact of problems and complaints. But keeping control of that management is a challenge. To the pressure of costs must be added the handicap that the new office concept represents – workspaces are increasingly open and flexible and, therefore, more challenging to organize, especially when workers move freely throughout the area.

It’s a fact that workers can become infected by touching COVID-19- contaminated surfaces, so high-touch points should be cleaned and disinfected frequently to help reduce the spread of infection. 

In general, the high traffic areas with surfaces frequently touched should be prioritized and cleaned regularly. It is suggested to use disposable cleaning cloths, which are changed often. Always ensure that cleaning professionals have their protective gear to keep them safe. On the other hand, it would be advisable for employees to have their disposable wipes to clean specific areas when needed. This requires optimal positioning of the hand hygiene dispenser. Ensure to place hygiene equipment in easily visible and accessible areas where there is a natural flow of traffic. Employees shouldn’t have to detour to access these dispensers; they have to make their way more manageable.

Reception Clean door handles, touch screens and elevator buttons frequently. Keep cleaning solutions nearby to make it a quick task.

Office Clean shared high-tech equipment such as keyboards, computer mice, printers, and telephones often and ensure surface cleaning is done regularly. Provide disposable cleaning wipes to employees so they can clean their personal space when needed.

Toilets According to data from a recent study, 81% of respondents globally expect public toilets to provide a safer hygiene environment now than before the COVID-19 crisis. Hygiene protocols have never been so important. That is why we recommend starting to clean minor dirty surfaces to finish with the toilet and the floor.

Restrooms are also recommended to clean the less dirty surfaces to finish with the floor. Surfaces stained due to grease or oil should be cleaned with hot water and professional cleaning detergents before being disinfected.

Cleanliness in the work environment is of the utmost importance. Keeping work areas clean provides greater productivity, a considerable reduction in accidents, and greater comfort for the worker and a better image for the customer. The employee must have as a rule the maintenance of his area clean and orderly and dedicate the last moments of his day to that work. Or company can hire Janitorial Services Langley to make work of their employee easy.

In the end, hygiene in an office is everyone’s responsibility: the professionals and employees who keep it clean, the managers who prioritize cleaning, the Facility Managers who organize the protocol.

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