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Different Types of Fashion Photography

by Ragini Salampure
different types of fashion photography

In the words of the world’s most sought-after artists, Chantal Joffe, puts it, “I like the narratives you get in fashion photography. And I like what the clothes do to the body – the pattern and stripes and all of that.”

These words couldn’t ring truer as fashion photography indeed brings a vision to life. The whole deal is not just about how beautiful the clothes look but also about the context they create.

Perhaps, this is why fashion photography is divided into various genres, and each one requires a specific skill set, equipment, and budget to execute. 

Check out the different types of fashion photography genres there are there. 

High Fashion Photography

If you have ever flipped through a fashion or lifestyle magazine, you would have come across high fashion pictures which are done using colored or black backdrops.

The term high fashion involves working with fashion houses and labels. 

This type of photography often includes clicking supermodels in larger-than-life poses with occasionally unrealistic apparel ensemble and exaggerated hairstyles blended with dramatic locations to create expression and flawless imagery.

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Fashion photographers usually work with a team of stylists, designers and technicians. Still, the responsibility of capturing that flawless image that engulfs the qualities of a fashion label rests solely on their shoulders. This is why a skilled high fashion photographer ensures they get the mood right and provide exhaustive feedback to the model while shooting.

Often high fashion photography ensues at outdoor locales where photographers carry lightweight cameras with a tenacious battery life that can shoot in low light. 

Street Fashion Photography

Also known as urban fashion, street fashion photography is more rugged and grungy than high fashion. In a sense, this genre is the opposite of high fashion photography. Here, models wear everyday clothes like jeans, hoodies, T-shirts, dresses etc. that are stylized uniquely.  

Street photographers often shoot regular individuals with the backdrop of the street. This type of photography works wonders for young, peppy and hip-hop(ish) clothing labels. However, when you click pictures of people on the street, which also falls within the realm of this genre, make sure they are ok with it. 

Catalogue/ Product Fashion Photography

Often thought to be the simplest and most straightforward of all the genres, catalogue photography’s primary goal is to sell clothing. Here the outfit with minimal accessories is the main focus, so these shoots mostly use a neutral or white background. Another challenging aspect of this genre is to pick lighting that does not drain out the colours of the clothes and captures every minute detail.

Catalogue photography is a great place to start your fashion photography career, after which, you can move on to the more complicated genres. Think of this type as product photography and here expressions, attitude and context come secondary.

Editorial/ Publication Fashion photography

You must have come across editorial fashion photography that tells a story in newspapers and magazine. Here, the imagery also carries a message, that can range from promotions to educational content. 

Since the primary focus here is to set a narrative or tell a story, one photoshoot will likely involve various dress changes – from formal to casual along with long shots and close-ups. Editorial fashion photographers and designers may also use exotic props, different makeup or hairdos during a single shoot.

Aspire to Become a Fashion Photographer?  

Firstly, It is a great career choice! Secondly, if you are interested in evolving into a true-blue fashion photographer, know that this field demands quality and is relatively competitive. Therefore, take the first step by choosing the best fashion photography courses in India from a globally renowned institute like the Pearl Academy.

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