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Doing 11 Plus Exam Preparation the Right Way

by Abdul Shaikh
Doing 11 Plus Exam Preparation the Right Way

The secret to passing in the 11 Plus exams or other entry tests is high standards of trust and competence in English and Math. The knowledge precision, quick thinking skills,  and non-verbal skills of your child will be tested during the exam.

 The truth is, preparing for the notoriously difficult 11 plus exam is a daunting task. It also demands ample time, the right resources, and key tutors to ensure that the pupil can have positive results on the test.

If you’re a parent with a child who will soon embark on this study journey, you need to the 11 plus exam preparation the right way? But how can you determine a preparation plan that’s best for your child?

Here’s how you can prepare your child for the 11 plus exams:

  • Understanding the Structure of the Test

Many parents fail to recognize the importance of knowing how the 11 plus exams are established.  Knowing the structure of the exam will give you an insight into which subjects to focus on more.

During this stage, you’d also want to determine your child’s weak areas. Some pupils may find mathematical problems a little too difficult than others. After identifying these weaknesses, align them with the test’s structure and see how you can improve.

  • Use 11 Exam Practice Tests

The best way to prepare is to let your child answer 11 plus exam papers. These practices tests are designed to emulate the actual test layout and structure. Some practice tests also contain questions that are similar to the questions on the exams.

When selecting which practice papers to use, be sure to select different levels of difficulties. Begin with a much easier set then move forward once your child is comfortable. It’s also recommended to never just rely on one set of practice exam papers. If you want your child to be extremely versatile, expose him or her to a variety of questions that would challenge his or her thinking skills.

Unsure where to find practice test papers? There are countless practice tests online but not a lot of them guarantee success for your child. Fortunately, KidSmart offers practice exams to pupils which parents can use to prepare their child.

KidSmart also offers various 11 exam preparation services that pupils could definitely benefit from. You’ll learn more about the features and services of this app in the following section.

  • Hire a Personal Tutor

Tutors have the experience to impart relevant knowledge to your child. Tutors are also generally patient, empathetic, and at times, they are also your child’s biggest motivator to do better. 

Hiring a private tutor allows you to set a preparation schedule for your child. The tutor will also guide you as a parent in assisting with your child’s preparation needs.

Through KidSmart, parents could hire private tutors and perform lessons in the comforts of their home. It is also flexible in terms of time and location as most sessions and performed through the app.

KidSmart boasts a team of extremely talented and experienced tutors. They offer lessons concentrated on subjects like 11 plus vocabulary and mathematics. Effective interaction between your child and the tutor can lead towards success on the exam.

  • Get Support From Other Parents

Another way to alleviate the stress and pressure of preparing your child is to understand that you are not alone. There are also other parents out there who are going through the same situation as you. They are also finding ways on how their child can successfully pass the 11 plus exam.

Support from other parents isn’t only essential for emotional and mental vitality, it also creates a network among you. When you reach out to other parents, you can exchange insights on how to prepare your child and share tips with each other.

You can also get advice on which tutors to hire and which services to use. Having this connection between other parents can be extremely beneficial for you and your child. This is also vital for sharing and receiving local updates about the exam.

It’s important to have the right way of doing the 11 plus exam preparation for your child. It ensures success on the exam and stronger competencies in grammar school. When preparing your child, use services like KidSmart to have access to tons of benefit and resources for the entry test.

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