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Find out what to do when you suspect medical malpractice

by Ragini Salampure
Find out what to do when you suspect medical malpractice

They say that human is to error. Even doctors sometimes make mistakes while treating patients. When this happens, everyone is affected. If you are a victim, you should learn the right action to take. Unfortunately, people avoid filing for malpractice lawsuits due to the costs involved. Though medical malpractice lawsuits can be complicated, they are sometimes necessary.

Reports reveal that more than 10% of patients who die in hospital are victims of medical errors. Others end up suffering some non- fatal injuries from mistakes made by doctors. Since malpractice in the medical field occurs quite frequently, every patient must understand what they need to do when they suspect malpractice. You can start with the following.

Talk to the doctor

Before you take any measures, you should talk to your doctor. Having an open discussion with them can help them admit that they have made a mistake while treating you. If they are honest about the error, both of you can reach an agreement. For instance, the doctor can offer to refund the cash you may have spent unnecessarily. It is a better way to resolve things rather than proceeding with a medical malpractice lawsuit. If the doctor does not, however, admit their mistake, then you should consider other options.

Look for a different doctor

If you have been working with a doctor that has made a mistake in diagnosing your condition, you should look for another doctor. The second professional will have to review your records or conduct tests on you for the second time to try and diagnose what you are suffering from. They can then treat you and correct the mistake that your previous doctor may have made in your care. If you were in the middle of treatment and got a complication, the second doctor can try and treat the complication.

Unfortunately, not all doctors that have gone through medical school have the competence and ability to treat patients well. Some doctors tend to misdiagnose patients while others are too distracted to make the right decision. If this happens to you, seeing a different doctor can help you find out your condition and get the treatment you need to recover.

Get all your medical records

Have you decided to file for a medical malpractice lawsuit? If yes, you need copies of all your medical records. Such records will serve as proof in your case. Your medical records have details regarding the kind of symptoms you have been experiencing, the tests that the doctor performed on you, your history, and the medications that you were given in the hospital. Your lawyer can use these records to show that a specific doctor committed malpractice.

Ensure that you ask for your medical records from the hospital before you file for the malpractice claim. Doing this can reduce the chances of the doctor changing any details on your medical records. Though falsifying such information is illegal, some malicious practitioners can do anything to avoid such liability.

Maintain a journal

If you strongly feel that you are a victim of medical malpractice, you need to keep a journal. In this journal, you can start jotting down notes on your overall health. Try to describe clearly the symptoms you have been experiencing since you got treatment from a particular facility. Think about how a medical error may have affected your life.

Sometimes, medical mistakes can make it hard for victims to go back to work or even lose their jobs. Writing down such information in your journal is crucial if you have been in such situations.  Ensure that you jot notes frequently to have an in-depth record of what you may have suffered due to the medical error. These notes can come in handy when your case is presented in court as you try to sue the doctor in question.

Avoid talking about in on social media

The problem with people is that they use social media platforms to lash out their frustrations. When you are injured and suspect that you are a victim of malpractice, you should avoid sharing your situation on social media. Doing this may help the other party. If you have to talk about it, go for therapy instead.

Contact an attorney

You don’t have to work alone since an attorney can help you build a case. Ensure you do enough research when looking for a malpractice lawyer to get a good one. For instance, contact the Snapka law firm to hire an attorney who has medical malpractice experience. They can help you file for the lawsuit and represent you well in court. Ensure you present all the necessary documents to your lawyer to build a strong case to help you win in court. A good representative can help you get compensated accordingly.

Medical malpractice lawyers are divided into two categories. While some of them defend doctors against such lawsuits, others represent victims of medical malpractice. If you decide to file for the lawsuit, you need to choose a representative who can act in your best interest. Also, hire a professional who has won previous medical malpractice cases before. Getting good medical negligence solicitors is key to winning your medical malpractice lawsuit.

Do not talk to third parties

Once you have the right lawyer, you should let them represent you fully. This means that you should not talk to third parties, such as the healthcare providers who treated you. Once the case is in court, the doctor’s insurance company may get in touch with you after the doctor is served. If this occurs, you can ask the insurance company to call your lawyer. Avoid any questions that the company may ask you directly and don’t talk about the case with them.

Look for reviews that can help you build a strong case

Unfortunately, some doctors and hospitals have been sued more than once for medical malpractice. You can find some similar complaints about specific physicians from online platforms. If you identify such cases, share them with your attorney to come up with a stronger case to help you win.

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