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Here’s What It Costs to Build a Shipping Container House

by Rohan Mathew
Here's What It Costs to Build a Shipping Container House

People are finding new ways to stay sustainable in an age where everything feels wasteful. A new approach to being ecologically friendly is by building a shipping container house. They’re mass-produced and sturdy enough to survive even the toughest of conditions.

Here’s everything you need to know about the cost of building a shipping container house.

What Is a Shipping Container House?

A shipping container house is a house that consists of several different shipping containers that have already been used for transportation purposes. Rather than going to the dump or being broken down for scrap, the shipping container can be repurposed into shipping container homes.

From there, you use one or multiple different containers to build a house of your designed layout. This can be multistory homes, a single-story ranch style, or something modern and individualistic of your choosing.

What Is the Cost of Purchasing a Shipping Container?

To start the process of building with shipping containers, you first need to buy them. Used shipping containers are anywhere from $2,500 to $3,000. It all comes down to size and wear and tear on the shipping container itself.

Ensure that you’re getting a shipping container and not a sea container. These containers are often rusted and have to deal with hidden faults, making them cheap but very ineffective.

To find out the cost of shipping containers and starting the process of building a home, be sure to check out the link.

What Other Costs Go Into a Shipping Container Home?

Once you’re established with how many containers you need, you can start the process of building the home itself. The first thing you’ll need, even before you buy the home, is a place to put it. This means you’ll need to purchase a lot to put the house on.

After that, you’ll be paying for the labor of making the house, the rest of the materials like windows and piping, and then the hook up to utilities. All these costs can vary depending on location, size of the house, and who does the work.

You can roughly look to spend anywhere from $35,000 to $175,000, all depending on those factors.

How Are They Eco-Friendly?

These houses are eco-friendly because they’re already built and been used. There are no materials that need to be made from the ground up that will get destroyed in the long run.

Not only that, but you cut back on the need for heavy machinery needed to build a house. The use of the gasses from these machines contributes to the sustainability of a container home.

Keep Going Green by Purchasing Used Shipping Containers

By creating a shipping container house, you’re giving yourself a home that stands out above the rest. Not only that, but you’re helping out the planet and utilizing materials that were already there, rather than making new ones.

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