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How do You Choose the Right Drawer Slide?

by Rohan Mathew
How do You Choose the Right Drawer Slide?

Selecting appropriate drawer slides for your project might be a tricky affair. The drawer slides you choose will make your project’s quality a success or a terrible failure. Selecting the correct drawer slide is crucial for putting it in a pantry, kitchen, bathroom, closet, or industrial. Making a wrong choice might lead to traffic bottlenecks and difficult-to-open doors and breakages in the worst-case scenarios. So, as a buyer, what do I need to know when buying a drawer slide to make the right choice? This article serves you with crucial pointers to guide you in purchasing the right drawer slide.

  • Drawer Slide Length

One of the factors to consider when choosing the right slide is the slide length. Good quality drawers are designed to last long, and so it is wise to select the appropriate size one would enjoy in the long term. Making the right decision in the construction phase ensures reasonable drawer travel for your countertop. Additionally, you can access every corner of the drawer. Generally, slide lengths range between 10 to 28 inches. However, longer lengths roller guide (rollenführung) is available depending on the client’s desire.

  • Drawer Slide Size

This factor takes into consideration the available size in the cabinet for the drawer space. For better decision-making, there are three types of drawer slides you can choose from:

  • The three-quarter extension. As the name suggests, these drawers only allow access to three-quarters of the total length.
  • We have the full extension drawer slides. They allow for full access to the drawer and are thus desirable over the three-quarter drawers.
  • We have the over-travel drawers. These slides allow for full access and view of the items stored in the drawer.
  • The Required Clearance

Clearance is the space that encompasses the drawer. It is essential to determine the available clearance before drawer installation. Clearance dictates the size and length of the drawer. To make accurate clearance measurements, measure for side or width clearance, height or vertical clearance, and back or depth clearance. Clearance will guide you on the size of the rolling guide (rollenfuhfrung) you will use.

  • Drawer slide features

In the recent past, drawer designs have evolved to encompass more sophisticated and luxurious features. All these are available at reasonable prices. While searching for the best designs, some of the features worth looking out for include shock absorption, push-to-open, and self-close characteristics. Slides that embrace the shock absorption feature can withstand unnecessary damage from rough and quick shutting with minimal noise. On the other hand, push-to-open slides eliminate the installation of knobs and handle as the drawer opens with a slight push. Lastly, the self-close feature allows for automatic closure of the drawer with a bit of push towards the closing direction.

  1. Drawer Weight Rating

Select a drawer slide that can comfortably accommodate the weight of the load you intend to use the drawer for. Most home drawer slides are rated from 75,000 to 150,000 pounds. Industrial heavy-weight drawer slides can accommodate up to 500 lbs.

Drawer slides form a significant part of home and industry hardware. You can install the drawer slides yourself using the roller guide (rollenführung). However, for the heavy-duty drawer slides, you must employ the services of a professional. Success with your installation.

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