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How Often Should You Water Plants in Your Home?

by Rohan Mathew
How Often Should You Water Plants in Your Home?

Houseplants are a great addition to any home, and they can brighten the place up rather well. How can you keep them alive? How often should you water plants?

Did you know that houseplants can promote productivity and improve indoor air quality? Consider picking up a few houseplants for your home. If you aren’t sure how to take care of plants, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll answer the question, “how often should you water plants?”

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Consider the Plant Type

Some plants prefer dry soil while others like damp conditions. Individual plants prefer to dry out before they get watered. Others need a steady wet environment.

Read about your different plants beforehand. You will know whether they need to get watered often or once a week.

Your outdoor plants will need a different watering schedule too. Consider using a sprayer. Learn about sprayer tips.

Check the Soil

Stick your finger in the soil. Determine if the top few inches of soil is dry or damp. For most plants, the depth of the soil dryness will reveal if they need watering or not.

You could also check for dry soil near the drainage hole.

Is Your Plant Wilting?

Drooping or wilting leaves are signs your plants don’t have enough water.

Other factors can cause plants to wilt. Overwatering and disease can affect plants. Treat the right cause. Otherwise, you could make your plants worse if you overwater them.

Try a Moisture Meter

If you have a temperamental plant, try using a moisture meter. A moisture meter will assess if the plant needs watering.

Moisture meters are reliable and inexpensive. Consider picking one up.

The Most Beneficial Way to Water Plants

Use room temperature water. When you go to water the plants, take care not to overwater them.

Pour enough water to soak around the plant. Continue to water the houseplant until you notice water seeping out of the drainage hole.

Dump the extra water out after 10 minutes. Otherwise, the roots of the plant could end up rotting.

You could also fill up a saucer below your containers. The water will seep into the soil around the drainage holes. Fill the saucer until the water doesn’t get absorbed.

Try this method for your succulents, African violets, and cacti. These plants don’t like a lot of water near the stems.

Home Temperature

A high temperature can increase the metabolic rate of your plants and evaporation. Your plants could dry out a lot faster compared to when they live in a cool environment.

Is there a noticeable difference in the temperature from winter to summer? Take note of these temperature changes.

If a room gets a lot of sunshine, the room might be a lot warmer during the day. Water your plant more.

How Often Should You Water Plants?

We hope this guide on watering plants was helpful. Now that you know the answers to “how often should you water plants?”, set a reminder on your phone. Otherwise, you might forget to water your plants.

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