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How Search Engine Optimization or SEO helps Digital Marketing?

by Madhuri boinwad
How Search Engine Optimization or SEO helps Digital Marketing?

You’ll have used common words in your daily language, such as “I’ve Googled it” or “I’ve been googling on that topic.” Haven’t you? You also understand that it means to search in Google, where one clarifies any of their doubts & queries put forth on a search engine like Google.

We often have subsequent queries circulating in mind and ask Google to get answers. Everybody agrees and says Google makes life easier and more comfortable.

Way back, in 2013, on Aug 16, Google wasn’t reachable for 5 minutes, and do you know the effects on Global Internet Usage at that time? During that 5 mins duration, there was a decrease of 40%.

This fact purely shows how vital for anyone is a search engine like Google.

There are few major search engines occupying today’s web world, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, where Google is the most popular search engine.

So, how many of us know how a search engine works? The number of people is likely to be lesser to have known about it. To understand how websites results appear as soon as you hit the search button, I’ll take you to the world of Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, shortly SEO, a proficient step always followed by the search engines’ functionality on delivering better, relevant website results to your search query.

Improving the website standards with various strategies and plans to achieve traffic to a website from the search engines is termed Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

That brings me to quote an excellent example here. – Let us imagine you know the destination for your next travel plan. You adjust the number of options to visit places according to your likes and dislikes en-route your destination. Visiting the most liked localities that have excellent reviews might be your goal and plan. The tweaks you have made carry advantages of visiting the most beautiful spaces you could ever desire. You are satisfied and thrilled that you decided to visit these places.

Arriving at our topic today, imagine that you have a website fulfilling the primary essential user needs. However, planning to organize your website at a more user-friendly level, you decide on a few critical amendments to your website. The plans to visit those few best places along with the destination and manage a website to get more conversions, both of these tasks require a unique skill set. And, that’s optimization, optimizing to the needs of your audience. The goal is to adjust and tweak for further enhancement and performance of the website. By this time, we now understand the term Search Engine Optimization. 

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) lets you rank high on the search engine results page (SERP). The higher you rank on the search results page, the higher visibility you have to the audience looking for you. These audiences are your potential buyers or make room for huge conversions.

How does SEO work?

Now, you might be curious about how Search Engine Optimization(SEO) works. Let me explain to you in detail further here.


Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is always evolving and always has new updates. Search engines such as Google and Bing have spiders- which are not the ones found in nature, but they are the automated robots, also known as crawlers.

And this process during which these crawlers search the internet, qualify relevant content and find the code for each URL is known as Crawling.

These crawlers use links as navigation to sites and identify relevant pages and content from these links.


The crawled content is then indexed, which is a second program. This method is where, further, pages are downloaded and stored in massive databases. Later, information about pages, words it contains, and extracting the link on web pages is done. The engines schedule to crawl these links on a later date. Thus, any web page must be first indexed to show up on the search engine results pages. (SERPs).


This step requires someone to search or type their query on the search. After somebody searches or types any question, the engines go through the index of valuable information and place it to their SERPs’ relevance. The order of the page in the results page determines search ranking. The higher rank any page has that means, the more relevant is its content to the query. The giant search engine, Google, uses its secret algorithms to give us results. And they keep changing algorithms frequently. According to Google, the big tech company, there are a few factors other than these algorithms that are the ways to optimize your website.

There are Key Strategies listed below here that help your web page rank higher in search engines.

Search Engine Optimization techniques

Target Relevant and the right keywords

Keywords refer to search terms that any user on a search engine types in the search box. Identifying which of these keywords is working is a crucial step. 

There are a few key factors that help Keyword Research-

Search Volume: Firstly, find how many people are searching for a given keyword with the help of tools like Moz, BuzzSumo, and Google Keyword Planner. If more people are searching for a given keyword, you can reach a bigger audience. If there isn’t any search volume for the particular keyword, it’s less likely to get a larger audience.

Relevance:  Relevancy in keywords estimates the most crucial role too. Supposedly, your website is highly likely to result from a keyword, but do you know that the main algorithm on which search engines work is relevancy. Keywords must be particular, on-point, and precise to help your website to be on the search. For example, You are a food delivery company and do not have indoor ambient seating to serve food but only have the food delivery service. If people search the term ‘Online food delivery,’ there are more chances for you to list in their search than people searching for the keyword ‘food near me’ or ‘food restaurant near me.’

Competition: And lastly, competition. Of course, there’s keyword search volume and the relevancy to your web page, but always keep in mind the battle of those words to rank high. Analyze how competitive your search terms and find out ways to reach among them.

Improve Internal Linking and Usability on your website.

The internal links to pages internally on your website are a significant drive in Search Engine Optimization(SEO). The links that are internal in your website provides easy navigation and helps SEO. Thus, assisting any viewer in finding what they are looking for easily. Also, give meaningful, helpful navigation menus on your website. Build a website that’s easy to use and makes a fantastic comfortable user-experience.

Building Backlinks

You can build backlinks in different methods. Here, what you do is earn a link to your website from other website content marketers. Once you’ve created a valuable piece of content that completes a measured keyword density and is ready to be shareable, you can request a backlink from them via Email Outreach.

That way, backlinks are a great way to rank to the top on search. The more backlinks you receive to your website, the higher you will rank. There are also many influencers out there you can connect to through tools such as BuzzSumo, Twitter and make them a backlink request.

Quality of content

The search also looks for higher-quality content. Relevancy is a part. The effectiveness of the content is another essential part. Whenever you want to make someone buy your product, you must seem trustworthy. You ought to stand out from the other crowd. That would make you special and unique. To make them your paying customer forever, you must be expertise in your field and be reliable.

Optimize for mobile

Also, how mobile-friendly your website is, is another factor. Smartphones are almost in everybody’s hands, and the number of searches on a mobile is getting higher. So it is necessary to make your website easy and helpful during a mobile search also. Responsive design websites are more common and effectively deliver websites to any format, a desktop, tablet, or even a mobile.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Search Engine Rankings: The world today is digital. Making space on the web, brands reach out to various customers out there, locally and internationally. One of the big five technology companies, Google delivers solutions to many people’s queries at any place in the world. Google, a top search engine, is a massive growth for any business to rank on the top in search giants like Google. Thus, always stick to the best methods of Search Engine Optimization(SEO) to rank high on searches.

Watch the below video for more information.

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Visitors: Once you start getting visitors to your website, your website traffic gets larger. These visitors get converted to leads. Most of them would like your expertise, the quality of content, the trust you give, and many more aspects.

Conversions: This makes way for them to be your all-time loyal customer. You can make more sales and increase conversions. Once you’ve reached a big audience, the story goes bigger.


Search Engines are a great way of reaching out to customers. It isn’t hard to do that. Find the best ways to optimize your website with Search Engine Optimization(SEO) tips and tricks and gradually rank high. 

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