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How To Boost Your Amazon Sales With Low-Budget Facebook Ad Campaigns

by Krutika Lohakare
How To Boost Your Amazon Sales With Low-Budget Facebook Ad Campaigns

Having limited resources does not mean you cannot use Facebook ad campaigns to boost your Amazon sales. Check out this article and see how! 

Long gone are the days when digital marketing was reserved exclusively for businesses with money to spare. Now, the widespread popularity of technology and its applications have made online marketing accessible for everyone, including those with a low budget. Among them, Facebook ads stand out as one of the most well-known and cost-saving tools to boost your store’s performance.

If you are an aspiring Amazon seller wishing to attract more customers and increase conversion rate without spending tons of money, then this article is for you! Today, we will offer detailed information and tips on how to optimize your Facebook ads campaigns despite having limited resources. 

Note: In case you don’t have much time to do research and figure out everything on your own, it is recommended to seek professional consultancy from a trusted Facebook ads agency.

Why Should Your Amazon Store Use Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are paid content of any kind (banner, story, post, etc.) that targets specific users by appearing on their homepage. This extensive exposure increases the brand awareness of businesses and helps convert more people into customers. 

With more than 2.85 billion active users in 2021, it goes without saying that Facebook is a gold mine for Amazon retailers to exercise their digital marketing strategies. Once an ad is published, it will be prioritized on the homepage of your target audience, slowly pushing your potential customers to click on the link and transfer to your landing page. As a result, they are more likely to visit your listings, pick out a product, and finally make a purchase.

Even if these Facebook users only click on the link and do not seal the deal, their data is still a valuable source of insights for future references. Now that you have their basic information, including age, sex, locations, and activities on social media, you can tailor more Facebook ads catering to their needs and keep them posted regularly. This is also known as Facebook retargeting.

Furthermore, Facebook allows the scope of flexibility so you can customize the format and content of your ads for different sections of people. This way, your business can make the best use out of the ever-growing size of Facebook users.

How To Lower The Costs Of A Facebook Ads Campaign

Once you understand the power of a well-designed Facebook ads campaign, it is natural to think that such an effective strategy comes at an exorbitant price. But it is not. The cost of running Facebook ads depends on multiple factors, including the goals, optimization settings, audience, location, industry, etc. On average, to get 1000 impressions, your Amazon business needs to pay roughly $7.19

While this number is within the affordable range for small businesses, you can still take extra steps to reduce the expense and save your Amazon store some money.

Narrow down the target audience

Narrow down the target audience

Before deciding on any digital marketing campaign, you need to understand your potential customers. Are they males or females? Are they mostly teenagers, young adults, or middle-aged people? Are they students or white-collar workers? Have they ever come into contact with your business before? Are their whereabouts within your store’s shipping capacity? All of these questions require careful examination to maximize the impact of your Facebook ads.

By placing extra focus on a specific group, you stand a higher chance of extracting traffic and boost your sales. Do not waste time and money trying to reach as many people as possible without considering whether they actually care or want to know about your products.

Run multiple formats and content simultaneously

How Facebook users perceive your ads is entirely subjective, and it can vary significantly from one person to another. Therefore, it makes sense to create different versions of ads and expose them all to users. This procedure – also known as A/B testing methods – allows digital marketers to compare and contrast business metrics and determine which ads have the most positive statistics.

From there, feel free to drop whatever content attracts the least number of buyers and put an emphasis on content that performs well. By successfully appealing to potential customers, your business will have a higher ROI with your ads campaign.

Manage the frequency of Facebook ads

If an ad is featured repeatedly over a long period, it sure will hurt your budget. Even worse, it might annoy those who have to scroll past your ads for the 11th time in a month. Thus, make sure you review how often your ads recurs in the Ads Manager tab.

Ideally, a frequency lower than 3 points means your ads are still reaching new customers or customers with very limited exposure to your brand. Anything higher than 5 points shows that your ads are targeting the same users repeatedly, and is generating fewer click-through and conversions.

Make use of videos

Videos tend to cost 10% less than images while being equally effective in engaging customers, which is why small businesses should take advantage of this feature. Moreover, many video-based platforms and features like TikTok, Reels, and Youtube Shorts are becoming increasingly popular to a vast majority of users, so you can reuse your video ads on other revenues to save even more money.

Install Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel is a series of codes hidden in your landing page. This tool enables you to collect data of whoever visits your page from Facebook ads. In other words, Facebook Pixel helps you analyze your existing traffic down to the tiniest detail, measure the performance of your ads, as well as provide necessary information for any remarketing campaign.


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