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How To Build Hype: 4 Killer Ideas To Boost Your Clothing Brand Recognition

by Madhuri boinwad
4 Killer Ideas To Boost Your Clothing Brand Recognition

You’re interested in taking your clothing company to the next level. What started out as a hobby after work is taking off, and you want to grow your business into a recognizable brand. You have the passion, but how can you get others as excited about your new business venture as you are? 

Consider your brand…

Your brand tells a story about who you are, and why you do what you do. In order to build hype and turn your brand into a major industry leader, you have to get creative and strategic in how you present, grow, and sell your brand. If you’re looking to create a brand that is powerful and memorable, let’s discuss a few creative ideas to build hype, boost recognition, and grow your clothing business. 

  1. Create A Killer Tagline to Spark Curiosity

Make your brand unforgettable by creating a killer tagline that encapsulates who you are as a brand, what you do, and how wearing your clothing makes customers feel. An evocative, real-life example would be the tagline for Clark’s shoes, “shoes designed for living.” Without ever having seen the shoes, I might deduce that they are practical, made of quality materials, and I could be worn comfortably at any time. 

A tagline can also be catchy, like Nike’s “Just Do It,” which boosts brand identity while creating a call-to-action. Taglines can boost your clothing brand’s recognition while showing your customers what your company is all about.

  1. Invest In Quality Clothing Labels to Stay Top of Mind

Boost your company’s recognition in a tangible, practical way by investing in quality clothing labels featuring your brand name and logo. Clothing labels are easy to order, and well-designed labels present your brand as a serious player in the fashion industry.

Ideally, you want your buyer to remember where they bought their favorite summer outfit long after the paper tags have been ripped off. Investing in unique cotton labels is a simple and cost-effective way to solidify your business’ personality and increase your brand recognition. If the goal of good branding is to tell the story of your company, your label is the compelling first page that grips the reader and leaves them eager for more. 

  1. Leverage Social Media to Reach Your Target Audience

Display your brand to eager consumers by leveraging social media to your advantage. If you want to boost brand recognition, put your clothing in front of eyes that are ready to buy.

After you have defined your target audience in your marketing strategy, consider partnering with another company or asking an influencer to become a brand ambassador to expand your reach beyond online advertisements. The more your clothing is featured on social media, alongside other popular products, especially if Instagram influencers are seen wearing your brand, the more recognition you will receive, resulting in more buyers becoming aware of your products. 

  1. Create Unique Branded Packaging For Consistency

In the age of Covid, more and more customers are choosing to shop online rather than in person. Create a stellar first impression by crafting unique, branded packaging for customers placing online orders that’s consistent with the rest of your branding efforts. 

A brand that does this remarkably well is makeup company Glossier. Glossier tells a story about their brand through their packaging by utilizing key brand colors, slogans, and reinforcing their brand message. When you open up the white and pink box graced with their logo, you’re greeted by one of their slogans, such as “Skin first. Makeup second. Smile always,” reminding you that by choosing Glossier you are choosing to prioritize your skin and wellness. The product is encased in their signature pink makeup bag made from upcycled bubble wrap, reminding the customer they have made an eco-conscious choice. 

Before the customer has even reached the product they’ve been impacted by the brand’s logo, slogan, signature colors, and philosophy multiple times, solidifying Glossier’s consistent brand identity. Whether you opt to represent your company in packaging through tissue paper, packing tape, or box printing, you can make the same principles work for your clothing company when you choose unique branded packaging. 

Whether you’re looking to amplify the popularity of an existing clothing brand or launching a bold new business idea, you’re guaranteed to build hype when you focus on your brand’s story through unique clothing labels, branded packaging, a killer tagline, and a fresh social media marketing strategy. 

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