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How to build up a Great Audience on Instagram

by Purva Jagtap
How to build up a Great Audience on Instagram

Instagram, a word which pops up first of all when a thought related to social media comes to our mind nowadays. Instagram provides a spectacular platform to its followers to exhibit the contents of the world.

Instagram is the place where people can express their views without any hassle. To give their thoughts a platform, everybody needs a convenient social media network and Instagram is the best place to do so.

On Instagram we see that there are thousands of pages which include a huge database of various regions. Those pages have millions of followers also and the followers admire their thoughts which got posted through the photos and videos.

Instagram is the best place to enhance your thought process by following various pages which contains a huge database and the ocean of knowledge. 

Instagram followers are very particular while following various pages. They follow only what catch their interest. That is the reason it is important for the pages on Instagram to keep their follower’s interest alive by the contents they post.

Regularity is a Necessity 

It is important for Instagram pages to post regularly to maintain the balance and to communicate with the followers. Also, to keep the interest of their followers above-ground and to attract more audience, posting relevant photos and videos can help very much.

Posting regularly does not mean posting annoyingly. Your constant posts could irritate your followers. Keep in mind to post pertinent content in a specific duration.

Regular posts keep the followers attracted towards your page and they wait for your updates. The regularity of your Instagram posts might define the number of followers you have.

If you post in a particular time period, your followers could be attracted towards your page and this is what you will need to keep your page running. It is important to maintain the interest of your followers.

Also, if a page does not update regularly, why would people follow it?

To increase the number of Instagram Likes and followers, it is must to keep your profile updated with regular posts in a mature way. This will help to attract more audience towards your page as people seek for new facts every day.

Think Before You Post

Instagram posts are the main element of each page. This is the only way to keep the audience attracted and to enhance the number of followers. 

It is necessary to post only those photos and videos which are relevant to your page. Irrelevant contents posted, could distract your followers.

That’s why it is important to always post according to the nature of your page because here on Instagram, if your page contains irrelevant contents, you might never get the attention of the followers.

If you want to gather a huge audience on your Instagram page, you will have to do some exercise for it. This means, before posting the contents relevant research should be done. Your effort will reflect in your posts.

There is a huge possibility that the image of your page might get destroyed if you posts are irrelevant and not up to the mark. So yes, give a second thought before posting anything. 

Also, avoid offensive words and posts and keep the contents straight to the point.

Be Creative and Unique

In order to gain attention, it is important to be creative and different. As we see that there are thousands of pages on Instagram offering a vast variety of contents to their followers. To catch more attention, it is important that your thoughts should be unique but not out of the context.

To gain more and more audience on Instagram and to increase the number of your followers, your profile and posts should not be like the rest. Unique contents catches eye more easily rather than the common.

No one would be interested unless you are offering something different. It is necessary to remember this concept if you are willing to build up a great audience.

Nowadays, people are very conscious about the contents they follow so it is required to keep your posts contemporary and as per the standards of today.

Being different and creative does not mean you have to include anything in your posts, it simple means that you will have to keep yourself updated in order to keep your posts eye catching but it should not be same as others, there needs to be some difference from the others.

Instagram offers you a place to exhibit the contents and knowledge you have but it is your responsibility to keep yourself up to date and enhance the criteria day by day.

Opt for the Precise Content

To attract the followers, it’s not only necessary to post regularly but to making sure also that the contents you are posting are pertinent to the theory of your page. 

Posting photos and videos which has nothing to do with the concept of your page might spoil the image of your page and distract the followers. 

Research before posting and make sure that the facts, information or anything you are posting must be correct.

Every Instagram followers study your profile before deciding to follow the page. The first thing on your profile which gives the impression either positive or negative is the photos and videos you post. 

For gathering a great audience it is important to choose your contents wisely.

Quality of Your Catalog

Instagram is a platform which only focuses on photos and videos, which includes every aspect of Life. Keep in mind to post coherent, clean and with high quality graphics. Images and videos should not be blur and out of the box. The smudginess of your posts could swipe off the number of followers you already have. 

It is important to maintain the quality as well as the quantity, so try to post images and videos having higher pixels to let the people experience better and draw their attention.

Quality of your images could describe the efforts you are putting to enhance your page, moreover to attract a huge audience.


For attaining a great audience, publicity is the key approach. To expand the number of followers, one needs to spread a word about their doings. Without publicity, you cannot expand the number of your followers.

In order to promote your contents, you need to share your work with as much as people you can. Words spread faster than fire and this old philosophy might increase your audience.

Share with your friends, family, associates and whomsoever you can. 

Ask an established page to give you a shoutout or to share your contents.

Use hashtags and tag people in your images and videos.

Organize contests and giveaways in order to keep followers interested and to gather an audience.


Nowadays social media is not only a place to entertain but to enhance your skills, expand the knowledgebase as well as to do business also. Instagram being the leading social media network is the ideal platform to do the same.

If you want to attract people toward your page and gather huge audience, remember the keywords are: “Quality”, “Quantity”, “Creativity” and “Publicity”. Keep these in mind and all will be done. 

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