How to Buy a Blog (and Make Money) in 2022

by Janet Brown
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Some investors consider buying a blog to increase their passive income and others want to utilize the financial potential blogs can offer when properly unleashed. If you are pondering the idea of buying a blog in 2022, you are in luck as the offers on the market don’t show a sign of slowing down.

In this article we are going to cover a lot of blog ground to share some advice about properly monetizing your blog, but, before we share how to propel your newly bought blog to new heights, it’s time to talk about the acquisition process. 

To buy a content site, exercise caution and due diligence. Read below for a quick guide on successful blog acquisition and monetization.

What Buying a Blog Brings to the Table

Every business owner strives to increase traffic and make the process of finding leads easier. With the incorporation of call to action buttons, every post on a blog is a lead generator. A call to action is a great way to encourage the readers to provide their personal information by filling out the form. Some of the best forms of call-to-action are webinars, trials, and content that drives customer interaction. 

Furthermore, search engine optimization is easier as you can use link building on your blog posts. Inbound links or backlinks are one of the 200 factors that the most popular search engine algorithms consider when ranking pages by search results. 

Settle on the Blog’s Target Content

If you are planning to manage the blog on your own, it’s important to have the skillset and blog-running knowledge. If you are hiring someone to run your blog, then that’s a different story. You can hire experienced freelancers that can cater to your needs and create the content you require.

In addition to that, be sure that the previously posted content is original and unique. Acquiring a blog that is plagued with plagiarism will significantly reduce your chances of return on investment.

Be sure to use Google Analytics before making the transaction and inquire whether the blog is linked with social media accounts. If so, acquire all the additional assets that are connected with the blog. It’s important to understand where the blog traffic is coming from, organic search, or social media. With a better understanding of your audience, you can optimize your blogs by using keywords to target potential customers. 

Analyze the Potential and Analyze Previous Revenue

To understand what makes the blog successful, check when revenue spiked and what kind of content the blogger was creating. Having a clear idea of the profit margins and what monetizing strategies are utilized, you can better shape their subsequent decisions.  

Buying  a Blog

The internet offers variously reputable sites where a clean transaction can be made, but be wary of scammers. Buy a content site from a respectable and well-established source. To make sure that you won’t be scammed, check the reviews and the experiences of previous customers and shop wisely.  

If you are not comfortable with the purchase process, you can always consult or hire a broker that will ensure both parties’ satisfaction.

Monetizing Your Blog 

There are various ways to make your blog a profit source, read below as we share some of them.


Bloggers opt for affiliate marketing to make solid profits. Through affiliate marketing, bloggers promote and advertise products of different businesses and in return, get paid commission. For example, if your commission is 2.5 dollars per sold product, helping a company sell 400 items of the product will land a profit of 1000$.

Offer Services

In addition to promoting quality content, you can offer various services to your audience. If you offer services in graphic design or content writing, you can add contact information on your blog where potential clients can hire you.

Sell Your Products

When you establish a bond with your readers, creating your merch and promoting in your blogs can increase your profit exponentially. You don’t have to draw the line at merch, you can offer sale options for your ebooks or your workbooks and printables. 


You can add a donate option to your blog so that regular and loyal readers can contribute to your blog profit. Readers can be incentivized to click the donate button by creating quality content regularly and engaging with them regularly. 

Final Thoughts

Acquiring a blog can be extremely profitable in the long run. Be sure to purchase your blog from a reputable seller so that any tricks or scams are evaded. Produce regular and quality content to grow steadily and boost your business reach.

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