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How to Choose the Right Platform to Ensure Financial Data Security     

by Ragini Salampure
How to Choose the Right Platform to Ensure Financial Data Security     

If your company receives financial records from buyers or employees, you might be required by law to keep the information secure. Financial services, healthcare and education entities, and government offices must follow the rules to ensure data security.

Even if you’re not in some of those highly controlled sectors, a data breach will cost you a fortune. The typical data breach costs about $140 per record, totaling $3.4 million for each violation. Furthermore, the actual costs of data compromises go well beyond monetary losses, such as harming your credibility. 

However, you can avoid such a whopping loss by choosing the right platform like Sonrai Security to ensure your financial data security. So, how do you select one of the best platforms? Read on to find out.

Does The Service Provider Pair with Your Needs?

Assess all of the company’s requirements when deciding on a security service provider. Take the time to think about any questions you have about client safety, financial records, or overall stability. 

Align your issues with the resources provided by security companies after you’ve established a priority list. Is the security firm you’re considering hiring specialized in your requirements? If that doesn’t work, go on to the next one. Often double-check that the company you employ will meet all of your needs.

Make a Clear Contract

Have reasonable requirements when signing up for data security services. Determine which basic needs you intend to be met. Put it down in writing to prevent any doubts in the future. Ascertain that you maintain command overall security strategies’ technical directions and functions. 

Technology evolves at a rapid pace, and innovative programs emerge regularly. It makes decision-making easier for the business. Avoid handing over control of many procedures and instructions to a third party.

Does The Service Provider Offer Real-Time Reporting Feature?

You must have immediate access to all files that outline all the challenges and the positive aspects of the situation. It can assist you in selecting meaningful activities. Each business has its take on real-world threats and clear contracts, on the other hand, are critical. The same may be said with round-the-clock assistance. If you want an international service provider, like Sonrai Security, make sure their schedules do not clash with your business operation hours.

Integrate Your Existing Platforms

Approving a vendor that pressures you to adjust your data entry and accounting practices is among the worst decisions you may make as a company. Just collaborate with a firm that understands and respects the values. Choose a vendor that can integrate the current procedure without requiring any changes, whether minor or significant.

Look at Their Reputation

All businesses must protect their assets to stay competitive and sustainable in the twenty-first century. While shopping at data protection services, it’s never a bad idea to inquire into what has and hasn’t worked for other businesses. Inquire for customers, vendors, and traders. Look up ratings on the internet. Locate happy consumers to someone you can pass on some valuable details. If you investigate a company’s success before recruiting, it would undoubtedly help you in the long run.

What Is Your Company’s Role in Preventing Any Breach?

Assessing Assets

Since there is so much data floating across the internet, businesses don’t know what has to be secured. As a result, the first move should be to assess all of the company’s personal properties, including intellectual property, confidential documents, industry secrets, classified records, and, in particular, data shielded under privacy laws, such as financial or health data.

What Does It Mean To You?

Taking inventory of your company’s digital properties will help you determine where your cybersecurity activities should be focused and what kind of security you should employ. Auto security and operating system upgrades, as well as limiting, can staff access to e-commerce resources, can be beneficial for companies with online shops.

Focus On Team Member Training

Email phishing scams may seem to be a thing of the past, but they’re still prevalent and, sadly, sometimes successful. According to research, about 7% of employees cannot identify phishing attacks via emails or links, with the percentage rising to as high as 13% in some industries.  

The Bottom Line

The simple truth is that a data breach might negatively impact your company’s future. Although there is no way to avoid hacking, certain safeguards will help remove the types of code flaws that hackers choose. And, contrary to popular belief, protection techniques do not have to be complicated—in reality, there are some steps you can take right now without requiring a technological context.  


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