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How To Compress Video For Facebook, Instagram, And Vimeo

by Rohan Mathew
How To Compress Video For Facebook, Instagram, And Vimeo

Why Your uploaded video lose quality 

There are many reasons why the videos you upload on various social media platforms lose quality after upload. When your video file is too large, this might make it almost impossible to download and upload. This causes your video to be compressed to enable easy upload.

There are usually built-in compression algorithms on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Vimeo, which automatically shrinks your video size to make streaming faster and smoother. 

Luckily, there is a way out of this inconvenience as you can now upload HD videos on various social media. 

  • How to fix it. 

With the help of a high-quality video converter, you can now compress your video yourself, which allows you to compress the video without losing the video’s quality. With the right video converter, you can now convert your video while maintaining the video’s quality. 

Wondershare UniConverter 

The best software for compressing videos for social media uploads and other video websites currently available is the Wondershare UniConverter. The UniConverter is a popular choice among users because it is one of the most steady video converting software presently available. Wondershare UniConverter works on almost any device and has the ability to videos in over 1000 formats. UniConverter compresses videos at a breakneck speed while maintaining the quality of the video. 

Apart from the super impressive video converting and compressing features, UniConverter also has a versatile toolbox containing some amazing software like GIF maker, screen recorder, and lots more. With UniConverter, you can also download videos from over 10000 video sharing sites, including Facebook, Instagram, and Vimeo.

  • Step by Step Guide to compress video

Follow these simple steps to compress any video quickly and efficiently, using Wondershare UniConverter.

Step 1: Open Wondershare UniConverter 

First, download, install and register the UniConverter. Next, click on ‘add files’ on the video converter’s main interphase. Next, you select the video you intend to compress and click ‘Open’ to load the video.

add files

Step 2: Select output format depending on your social media 

Click on ‘Setting’ at the top right of your screen and select the output format. Next, select your preferred social media by clicking on the Video tab. Double click on the chosen option to choose your desired resolution for social media.

video file

Step 3. Change the video compression settings

From the Target bar, click on ‘Compression’  to change the compression settings for the video. Next, adjust the bit rate, video quality, and resolution from the pop-up window to appear. Next, click ‘Preview’ to confirm the changes.


Step 4. Start video compression 

Once you are satisfied with the video compression settings, click ‘Start all’ or ‘Convert’ to begin compressing your video either collectively or individually. Tap on the ‘Finished’ tab or the ‘Output’ icon to view the compressed videos.


Other ways to compress video

Media.io, which is also known as Online UniConverter is currently the best online video converting software presently available. Media.io is an excellent tool for compressing videos online.

Features of Media.io

  • It supports different video file formats 
  • It converts video files to a wide range of formats
  • Online Video compression does not require sign up 
  • It is compatible with mobile devices 

  • Clideo

Clideo is accessible on Mac and Windows devices and is known for its social media presets, making video compression easy.

Features of Clideo

  • It changes videos from vertical to horizontal view.
  • It crops and changes the background color of the videos. 
  • It merges videos.
  • It compresses Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter videos through resizing.
  • It works with a variety of video formats.


Clipchamp is popularly known for its ability to compress Vimeo videos. Chipchamp is fast, edits videos, and records videos.

Features of Chipchamp

  • Its video templates make video creation very easy.
  • It compresses Facebook, Instagram, and Vimeo videos easily.
  • It converts different video formats.
  • It has tons of videos and audios. 

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