How To Make Budget PC

Are you a hardcore gamer and have at least $1000 to spend on your gaming pc? Then you are at the right spot; we have saved the precious time you probably would have spent doing extensive research and came up with this article that will guide you in building the best gaming pc right within your budget. Just a point before we proceed, the gigs discussed here will not be enough to max out your favorite games at 4k and 1444p but will serve the purpose in 1080p gaming.

Let us talk about the processor first.

AMD or Intel?

We would suggest you go for AMD’s 6-core beast Ryzen 5 3600X for a number of reasons. Firstly, It performs at a notch up when we compare it to Intel’s best bet in this price range, the Core i5-9600K in DirectX 12 games. Moreover, 3600X has got no one near its capability when it comes to taking gaming workloads. The AMD chip also scores in offering simultaneous multithreading as it has got twice the number of threads than 3600K, making it ideal for multitasking. This all-rounder chip from AMD will cost you around $200.

CPU Cooler

If there is one brand you can put your precious money on when it comes to CPU Cooler, that has to be Cooler Master, its mid-range cooler Hyper 212 EVO provides well balanced cooling performance without being too exorbitant. You can avail it in the market for $30. Or you can use Ryzon’s stock cooler Wraith Spire which doesn’t quite work in the same intensity but sure packs a punch.

Graphics Card

Things get a bit tricky here; It’s all up to you what you want to achieve. If you opt for performance over stability, then we would recommend SLI or Crossfire technology, which allows you to combine more than one GPU for supreme gaming performance, but as we know that everything comes with a disadvantage, so there is one here too. In order to reach the highest frame rate, you have to sacrifice on the stability that is not easy to achieve in this multi GPU environment because of which the performance may take a hit.

For this sole reason, It would be wiser to go for a much simpler, single GPU system.  And the best card that fits right into this price segment is Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 5700 XT. Now let’s see what makes this the gentle beast, which sometimes overpowers even higher-priced GPUs. Sapphire had worked on AMD’s reference Radeon RX 5700 XT card, which had garnered a lot of fame when it was available in the market (later they discontinued it), to come up with Pulse RX and asked for extra $10 for its effort. They have added a Dual-X thermal solution that quietly brings down Navi’s temperature and also included Trixx Utility for better overclocking management.  This is available at a price of $400.


A system with 8gb DDR4 ram can easily handle high-end games even when there are other programs running on the pc. We will recommend you to use Corsair vengeance 3000MHZ simply because of the brand value and the fact that it lets you upgrade without any hassle later on. It comes with an affordable price tag of $50.


According to us, The best option available right now is MSI B450 Tomahawk as it sports a wider range of features starting from RGB LED lighting to a pair of Gen2 USB 3.1 ports, Type-A as well as type-C. Other than these, what makes it a standalone and premier gaming-themed motherboard is its offering of dual-GPU setup in the mid-range price section. It costs just $110.

Gaming case

As fans of both Corsair and Coolermaster, It’s difficult for us to choose between the Carbide 200r and the Mastercase H500. Both these cases provide amazing airflow and awesome looks. But one factor which separates these two cases is the price. The Coolermaster master case h500 costs nearly double than Corsair carbide 200r entirely because of the former’s ability to support water cooling and the addition of tempered glass panel, which adds to its luxurious look. Go for the carbide 200r if you are not ready to spend $120 for the CPU case. If your laptop is not working properly or having some crash errors in it due to any reason, you can visit HP Authorized Service Center Mumbai. It is one of the best service centers there.


When we think of getting a new storage device, The first question that comes to our mind is, what should we choose, SSD or HDD? We would suggest you opt for SSD, the reason being its much more future proof and runs at a blazing speed, which sets your pc perfectly up for smoother operations. And perhaps the best performing  SSD in the market right now is Western Digital 3D NANO SATA SSD; it comes with a price tag of $100.

Power Supply

A 550W PSU is enough to tackle irregular voltage issues. Go for EVGA’s SuperNova G2 model, which is priced at $90.

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