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Making recruitment more effective: SEO tips for recruiters 

by Ragini Salampure
Making recruitment more effective: SEO tips for recruiters 

As a recruiter, your end goal is probably to rank high on the millions of recruiter listings on google job searches. Google search results represent a deep pool of workers looking for the best recruiting agencies to join, as this presents the best chance to be hired. 

According to statistics, the US LinkedIn site has over 149 million job seekers against a mere 20,000 corporates with these different sides all in it for the best in the market; the job seekers hope to attract the attention of leading corporations while these corporations hope to tap into the best talent.  As a recruiter, your job is to figure out these numbers to recruit the best for the best. 

From these numbers, the recruiter has a variety of options. However, the options are a problem too if not well sifted. The answer to this dilemma is knowing the strategies to employ to rank and get the best candidates. 

So what are the strategies you can use as a recruiter to wade off unqualified candidates and attract the best? Here are the best SEO tactics for recruiters. 

Find the most relevant keywords

 Keywords play an integral part in SEO. If you want your recruitment agency to rank highly in search results, you need to research for the best keyword for your niche. Manual keyword development and analysis is the first step. It involves coming up with possible keyword combinations used in search.  

Some of the areas you can search for relevant keywords include Job postings in an area, Skills descriptions, and industry names and in the list of Experience needed. Once you complete the manual keyword development, you can use keyword tools to boost analysis.

Some of the best keyword research tools to use include: 

  • SEMRush – This tool helps in knowing which keywords your competitors rank for and worth the search. 
  • Google trends – The tool helps you search a keyword and see the search statistics. 
  • Keywords everywhere – This tool is a paid one and helps in knowing the keyword and its search volumes, clicks and competitiveness. 
  • QuestionDB – QuestionDB is a tool that helps answer the public. The tool is ideal for helping in creating content that the public will find fulfilling. 

Once you have the relevant keywords, you need to use them in your web content. This includes using them in headers, Meta descriptions, and Meta tags, as well as throughout the body of the content strategically.

Build premium links 

 Link building is the process of creating a connection between your website and others. The created connection helps Google to register your site as a site worthy of being ‘quoted.’ 

Getting and building premium links requires you to engage in some aggressive strategies and there are a number of effective link building tactics to implement.

Though recruitment is not a new industry, some functional and result oriented link building tips include: 

  • Creating content and reaching out to influencers and bloggers to post the content and backlink to your site.
  • Guest blogging – this includes reaching out to authority websites where you can find prospective clients and offer to publish an article on their site.  
  • Using social media 
  • Paid advertisements 
  • Interviewing with industry players and sharing out the links and shares. 
  • Using links through sponsorships where you get links from high-ranking sites and brands.
  • Searching for your brand mentions and reaching out to publishers for links 

Building a business from scratch may be a hard nut to crack, especially in this digital era. You have probably heard that the quickest way to get links is buying them. While this is an easy optimization route, the most legitimate way to build links and rise through the ranks is through authentic Google results.

Providing quality content is crucial 

 Google has over 130 trillion pages. Every business and website strives to rank on the first pages of Google. This means that you need to understand how searches work and employ practical strategies to rank highly in these results.  

As a recruiter, you need to invest in high quality, resourceful and helpful content for your visitors. You can do this by creating new content, rewriting, and updating old blog posts to make them relevant.

Creating and sharing actionable and relevant content such as interview tips, negotiation skills, career tips, among others, is a sure way to rank. Good content goes a long way in driving traffic to your site. You should also work on creating interactive sessions on your site to help increase organic traffic.

Build a presence on social media platforms 

 Statistics indicate that 86% of young job seekers and 79% of experienced workers use social media to search for job openings. In this era of rising popularity of freelance jobs, it is highly important for you to make your recruitment business popular amongst job seekers.  

Social media is a powerful tool not only to get the best candidate but help you rank in search results. It also ensures you can connect with your target market in a social environment. You need to create a social media presence and ensure you have regular postings on your page. When you become a regular on social sites, you improve the chances of having your followers going to your website. These searches and clicks go a long way in positioning your recruitment agency higher in google search results. Some of the platforms you can use include LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and jobs boards like Reddit. 

 Make your site mobile-friendly 

 Recent data shows that 89% of job seekers use mobile phones to search for job opportunities. With this in mind, you need a mobile-optimized recruitment strategy for your website.  Mobile phones are a significant opportunity for your ranking intentions. 

Mobile friendly websites should come with a user-friendly navigation tool to minimize the need for zooming in and out, easy mobile document upload feature to ensure job seekers can upload their resume on their mobile devices and of course, it needs to be visually appealing. 

The bottom line

As a recruiter aiming to build a reputable site, mastering these essential SEO tips and working through them is key in getting the results you want. Ensure you use the best keyword search tools, a mobile-friendly site, link building strategies, and quality content, among other strategies, to improve your chances of ranking highly in search results. 

“Consistency makes the raindrops create holes in the rock. Whatever is difficult can be done easily with regular attendance, attention and action”-Israelmore Ayivor. 

Remember, ranking does not happen overnight and will require your consistent effort until results start trickling in. Good luck.

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