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Making Space: 5 Organization Hacks for Small Spaces

by Rohan Mathew
Making Space

Making Space: 5 Organization Hacks for Small Spaces

Did you know that disorganization negatively impacts your productivity by 77%? It also reduces your motivation by 53%. Disorganization can make you 40% less happy too.

82% of people who struggle to keep their space organized say that their quality of life would improve by being more organized. About 30% of people who struggle with keeping organized say it’s because it’s too overwhelming to handle.

If you live in a smaller home, there are easy ways to keep it organized. Check out this list of organization hacks for small spaces to learn more.

1. Wall Shelves Can Help

If you’re looking for unique storage ideas for small spaces, you should consider installing some wall shelves. Shelves on your wall are a great way to add decor to your bedroom and can work to store items you don’t have space to put elsewhere.

You can install the shelves along the top perimeter of your walls, below the ceiling. Use this to store your collection of books, collectible toys, or plants.

2. Storage Bins Save Space

Learning how to organize a small house with no storage can seem impossible, but storage bins can save the day. Storage bins are a great way to separate items by categories for easy access.

You can stack them together under your bed or inside your bathroom cabinets. Another idea is to attach small storage bins inside cabinet doors. You can place items in your bins that you use every day, like your lotions or makeup.

3. Get Furniture With Built-in Storage

Other clever storage ideas for small bedrooms include getting furniture that is both stylish and functional. A storage bed is one of the best ways to create more space in a small bedroom.

A bed with built-in drawers at the bottom is the best way to store seasonal clothing that doesn’t fit in your closet. You can also choose a headboard for your bed that doubles as a shelf. Use it for a small collection of books.

4. Get Rid of Items You Don’t Need

One of the best ways to create more storage space is by getting rid of things that don’t serve any purpose. You can donate clothes you don’t use to the local thrift store.

Throw away items that are too old for repair or donation. You can even make some cash on items that have more value. If you have a large collection of books but don’t have any room for them, you can sell your used books online.

5. Use a Pegboard Organizer

Other genius organizing hacks include using a pegboard to organize your miscellaneous items. Painting it to match your bedroom colors, you can use it to hang your jewelry or scarves.

Organization Hacks for Small Spaces You Should Try

This guide has some great organization hacks for small spaces if you’re looking to redecorate a small room and need to create more space. Selling some of your things or adding storage bins are great ideas.

Did you find this article useful? Check out some of the other blogs on our site to learn even more organization hacks.

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