Myths about Hair Removal Creams – Busted!

What would we do without hair removal creams? Especially now that salons have become breeding grounds for the coronavirus. While waxing at home can be messy and unnecessarily painful, using hair removal creams is a blessing in disguise.

Busting Myths!

Here are a list of some myths that we have all heard time and time again about the best hair removal creams:

1. Hair will grow back thicker

It is true that hair removal creams don’t remove hair with the root but the creams are designed to make the roots weak. So there is no chance for hair to grow back thicker or quicker for that matter. 

Hair will grow back with the same consistency and frequency as always (not waxing or epilation).

2. Leave the cream on for longer

Although many people seem to think that this is true, it is not. Since hair removal creams are seldom made of natural ingredients, leaving them on for longer than prescribed may actually cause skin darkening, irritation or even rashes.

It is also safer to always go in for the sensitive skin variant of depilatory creams even if you have normal skin as it never hurts to use a milder version of chemicals on your skin.

3. Using Depilatory Creams and Shaving are the same

While both hair removal creams and razors seem to be removing hair from the surface, the chemicals in hair removal creams tug the hair off from under the skin while razors cut the hair off from the surface of the skin.

That’s the reason hair grows back with rounded tips when you use hair removal creams and grow back sharper and poke you when you use razors. Also, when you shave, the hair grows back much faster than it does when you use depilatory creams.

4. Using Hair Removal Creams on the Bikini Line

While you do get specialised hair removal creams specifically for the bikini line as it is a sensitive area, it is always advisable to first do a patch test on the area. Since it is very sensitive, any impending discomfort could make our lives hell and cause unnecessary and unpleasant infections and sometimes, even odour! 

So even though you can use depilatory creams on the bikini line, one can never be too careful.

5. Hair removal creams burn the hair

This myth is the funniest but has also been around the longest. Many believe this to be true due to the pungent smell that lingers after you have used hair removal cream. But this is caused by the chemicals in the cream that completely break the keratin layer of the hair making it weak enough to just break off when you wipe the cream away.

So depilatory creams neither burn the hair nor your skin! But as I already told you, a patch test will tell you if the particular skin agrees with you or not.

6. Depilatory Creams cause skin darkening

Like I already told you, leaving hair removal creams on the skin for long periods of time hoping that it would work better would cause severe side effects. Please keep in mind that these creams are infused with chemicals and that is the reason they come with a set of instructions that specifically mention the maximum amount of time that you can leave the cream on for. So follow these instructions and for God’s sake, DO A PATCH TEST!

Now that we have busted all these myths, are you already on your way to get a hair removal cream?

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