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Reasons to Get Local SEO Services for Your Company in Perth

by Ragini Salampure
Reasons to Get Local SEO Services for Your Company in Perth

As the fourth-most famous city in Australia, Perth offers plenty of business opportunities, ranging from small start-ups to large tech giants.

Let’s say you have a physical store with an online presence. The chances are that not everyone in your target demographic is aware of your business footprint. Your competitors might have an effective digital marketing strategy, ensuring a well-established online presence.

SEO companies in Perth provide excellent local SEO strategies that can bolster your online presence in the market. They help your products and services to reach all Perthites. Here are a few significant reasons for considering local SEO services to establish your brand online effectively.

Potential Customers Looking for Products and Services on Online Platforms

With over 50% of West Australians accessing the internet more than five times a day and about 70% reading online reviews, local SEO helps your brand stand out.

Perth SEO experts use relevant keywords users search to find businesses like you, ensuring your business is on the first page of results.

Highly Targeted and Timely Nature of Local Search Marketing

One of the primary reasons for local search is to find a business or service. Most of the Perthites don’t have a specific company in mind when they begin their online hunt.

For instance, Perth has over 2 million domestic visitors tourists flocking into the city every year. Surely, there will be tourists doing online searches for luxury hotels to stay in Perth or the best restaurants near Kings Park.

Local SEO agencies understand these local search tactics. They can help you market what you have to offer to local customers when looking for your business type.

Improve Conversion Levels of all Local Advertising Channels

There are popular Perth local business directories like perthbusinessdirectory.com, with Moz DA ranging between 20 to 30.

These online directories rank high on the first page of many local search results. Moreover, the local directory marketing has a higher conversion rate, with close to 50% conversion in some cases.

With local SEO companies in Perth, you can ensure your business’s accurate listing is on as many quality online directories as possible, converting one in two leads into a potential client.

A Rise in Mobile Searches

About 85% of West Australians have smartphones, and nearly 90% recommend a brand after a positive brand experience on mobile.

There are over 60% of West Australians with a high-end iPad/tablet. Many Perthites use mobile gadgets to find the best local businesses while on the go. Local SEO covers mobile internet access, ensuring you never miss a potential client.

Excellent Return on Investment

Perth has an effective outdoor advertising strategy, with all sites located within busy highways, including The Roe Hwy and Canning Hwy. But, investing in such advertisements can cost you over $1000 per month.

Local SEO agencies ensure the least wasted exposure, giving you an excellent reason to hire them. You reach potential customers only when they need you, thus, making local SEO cost-effective and efficient.

Lesser Businesses Claiming their Google My Business Listing

Nearly 60% of local businesses are yet to claim their Google My Business (GMB) which is a free listing that Google offers for almost all businesses. Getting listed on GMB helps to increase your chances of showing up in search results.

Perth SEO experts help you list, verify, and manage your business on GMB. It gives you a head start before your competitors.

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You Can Sell More

Over 60% of West Australian businesses prefer search engine marketing, aiming at a higher ranking in search results.

About 90% of Australian marketers in Perth use social media posts for marketing purposes, while 60% agree that such posts enable them to meet their sales goals.

Local SEO studies suggest that about 70% of users who did a Google search, visited a store within 8km of their searching.

Having a physical store is one thing, but being reachable to all potential customers is more important. Local SEO makes your company’s name pop up at the top of the search, helping you to cater to more clients and sell more.

Final Thoughts

The latest studies suggest that, by 2031, the majority of Perthites will indulge in online shopping.  With 33% of the clicks within Google search taking to the map results, it will be great if your business comes in the three packs of the Google maps. Local SEO can help you with it, ensuring you get a significant amount of phone calls in Perth.

Make sure you discuss your business requirements and customer demographics with an experienced local SEO agency in Perth to make the best of your strong online presence.

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