Review for NBA 2K on PC terminal

The NBA 2K series are gorgeous when it just came out and its quality about detail is just better than any other competitors. However, as a fan of NBA 2K on PC terminal, I collect several disadvantages of it, and let’s have this review for its PC terminal series. If you want its mobile version, please browse and get more fun resources.

Draws the offensive foul

It’s very admirable when a player scarifies his body to draw the offensive foul. But on NBA 2K, it may be much easier to flop and harder to get sympathy from officials. In the real game, players can commit an offensive foul in every corner of the court. That is true. But the place where there is a high opportunity to get the call is in the paint. However, in NBA 2K, when you have a game with AI, you will find there is almost no chance to draw an offensive foul in the paint. Most of the time, you could call the double team when opponent AI players just crossed the logo. Let the AI teammate guard the opponent AI’s on-ball player, and you are ready to take charge in his way to drive in. Just be one or two seconds earlier, it is easy to predict the offense line of the opponent AI player. Make AI teammate use tight defense once opponent AI on-ball player crossed the half-court line, he will try to drive in at the spot. And you can choose the weak side of the AI teammate to take the charge; it will be also the offense line of the opponent.

After the depiction, you will find the key point. The opponent AI is trying to avoid 8 seconds violation, so the on-ball player will accelerate when he faces the defense near the half-court line. It is easy to commit an offensive foul under the situation. Once the opponent AI on-ball player gets close to the arc, his acceleration will be hard to predict. So it is clear here: the only rare chance for players to draw offensive foul will appear at the zone where the opponent AI just cross the half-court line. After your inducing, his next step will be much easier to set the trap.

The Pass cannot be canceled and more intelligent

In the late version, players can use the “give & go”. It was always a powerful weapon when you have high-rated players to cut. However, this move cannot be canceled or cannot be canceled on time. In some versions, you can hold the button long enough to cancel the ball bounce back, but it takes more time, and the time and timing are two of the most important element in the game. So it is unacceptable and ridiculous when you play the transition, two on one fast break. Your opponent has not had enough time to set the defensive positions and you have numerical superiority. It should have been a good chance to get an easy two. But this “give & go” mechanism ruins the chance and turns it into a normal half-court offensive.

Furthermore, the “give & go” cannot offer the receiver an alley-oop pass, since the control mechanism is limited. If just passing the ball directly, the ball receiver usually needs a direction to cut in to finish the alley-oop. So it is a redundant move here. Once there is more operation in a powerful transition, the efficiency and field goal percentage will be worse. The defensive pressure of the opponent will be alleviated.

Final quarter defense of opponent AI

In the fourth quarter, especially in 2K14, when the opponent AI was trailed by 2 digits, it will prefer to select full court trap defense in the very beginning. Normally, fatigue isn’t a big problem at the moment, and it gives the leading team more chance to play transition and get easy two. It is definitely a fail design. 

Offball player lock Canceled

This one might be more acceptable since it just appeared early in 2K11 and players who enjoy playing off-ball would feel upset. 

The Substitutions

This part may be changed in the highest frequency. In the early edition, it use the left stick to choose the position by using the up or down arrow and using left or right to change on court players. But in the later edition, such as 2K16, and 2K17, they started to use the right stick to choose the player who would be substituted after the next dead ball turn. In the latest 2K18, 2K19, 2K20, 2K21, and 2K22, they changed again. Use the corresponding button to change the player. In my opinion, the first selection is the best. Since we may need to change several players at one time after you choose a player needing to be substituted and then press the button or use the right stick to select the players to replace him. It takes more time than the first version, which just selects players who will be on the court after the next dead ball turn. Many fans thought it was degeneration.