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Sending out your holiday party invitations

by Jordan Warner
Sending out your holiday party invitations

Days have been going by very fast and soon the holiday season will be here. I know this is the time many people have begun thinking of hosting a holiday party. We all like celebrating the holidays in style and there are different ways to go about it. It can be an intimate family dinner, cocktail event, secret santa party or even an ugly sweater party. Whatever it is, you have to make sure that your event stands out from the rest. 

With that said, the first thing that should be at the back of your mind is the holiday party invitations. The invitations should be great and set the mood for the party. As a matter of fact, it is the invitations you send out that will get the guests excited about the event. So make sure you do a good job at that. On that note, without saying too much, let’s get into the details of what needs to be done when sending out your holiday party invitations and some tips to get you started.

Create holiday photo cards

This is one thing you should never overlook. If you’re looking for a way to make the guest excited and looking forward to your holiday party, consider creating and sending them holiday photo cards. Besides, they are pretty simple to make and you can have them customized to suit your style.  Choose all of your favorite photos and memories to be included in your photo card. This is actually the best way to remind all of your family members and friends just how much you love and care for them.  Another thing is to personalize the cards to suit the theme of the party. No matter the event, photo cards will always be the best way to bring cheer and joy to the occasion.

Ensure the invitations match the style of the party

Whether it’s a photo card or any other kind of invitation, it should give your guest a clear idea of what to expect in the party.  What kind of holiday party are you planning? Will it be a formal event? Or is it casual and traditional? Are you going for a modern style party? The design and feel of the invite should actually answer all of these questions. 

Include all the required details

Do not leave out anything that is relevant to the party. It will be sad for some of your guests to get confused or fail to show up due to lack of enough information.  We need not mention that the date, time, host of the party and location are a few of the vital details. There is also other key information that should not be left out such as the dress code if there is any. Therefore, make sure the guests have all the information they need to attend the party. 

Don’t send out your invitations at the last minute

We cannot emphasis this enough. Like I said earlier, the holiday season will be here soon and people will be getting busy preparing for it. Many people have busy holiday schedules and if you want them to set aside time for your party, it’s important that you send out the invites at least 4 weeks in advance. Don’t wait until the last minute to start sending them out because you might have way fewer guests at the party than you anticipated. 

Who is invited?

Be clear and upfront about the people who are invited to the party. This will save you from a lot of frustrations on the D-day especially when the turnout is more than expected. Do you want kids at the party or not? If not, you can clearly state on the invite that, ‘this is an adults only event’.  If there are no plus-ones allowed, also go ahead and let your guests know.  This way, people are aware of what they are supposed to do.

Pick an exciting design

 We are heading towards the most festive season of the entire year. This means that your invitation should match the mood of this season. Make your invitations exciting to the point everyone who receives them feel compelled to attend your holiday party. Choose exciting templates and the text should be outstanding.

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